Lest we forget, we are still in Easter…

I thought this was a pretty good read. Found it at the Catholic Carnival.

Merely knowing about the resurrection of Jesus pales into dusty insignificance compared to the everlasting comfort and ecstasy of actually knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord: having him in one’s heart, walking through life with him at one’s side, luxuriating in the many graces he showers on his faithful ones in the Sacraments and so many other ways.Yes, it’s real. Christ is risen. Jesus lives eternally and he is always holding us in his loving embrace.

When you are having a cruddy day, as I am…it’s a good thing to remember. We shouldn’t be having such cruddy days so close to Easter Sunday, though…with all that is going on around us, with news of the Culture of Death encroaching from what seems like every side…we need to hang on to Easter.

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