“Blood-feasting” in the Bay Area?

Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker serves up a very troubling story complete with links for further reading.

On March 18th, a shocking crime took place in Berkeley, California, at a spot famous for sweeping Bay views, distinguished architecture, and the genteel atmosphere that wealthy “progressives” create for themselves. An elderly woman, walking home with her husband from an extension class at the University of California, was grabbed from behind by a young woman who had just walked past her on the sidewalk. In a flash, her throat was slit to the bone.

As she spurted blood, the suspect drove off with her companion, another young woman, in a light blue BMW M3 convertible, a car which carries a suggested retail price of 55 thousand dollars.

Fortunately, the 75 year-old victim did survive the attack, but there is much in this story that is troubling, particularly the fact that the driver of the Beemer is a rather prominent citizen…and more…You’ll want to read it all, and wonder why the MSM has shown no interest in any of this. As Lifson writes:

Aside from the spunky Oakland Trib, Bay Area news media have been extremely reticent about revealing any details related to the role of Kianfar in the hideous crime. One would think that the combination of the brutality of the attack, a wealthy and prominent accomplice, the curious manner of police, prosecutorial and judicial handling of the accomplice, and the lurid detail of blood-feasting would lead to an avalanche of coverage.

Rather there has been almost no coverage. Read up on the Sufi. This is one to keep an eye on.

H/T Lucianne.com.

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