Ratzinger’s homily is impressive

I still don’t think he’s the next to wear the Shoes of the Fisherman, but it’s an impressive homily. Hugh Hewitt has the whole thing here, you just have to scroll down abit.

UPDATE: Mr. Hewitt starts off with a bang, today, discussing this sermon in more detail and linking to some related columns and articles. You’ll want to stop off there. He is so particularly insightful while ruminating on the columns of EJ Dionne and Richard Cohen, that you really don’t need to read anyone else. I don’t know how he does it.

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  • http://trkallen.typepad.com/worship_naked tracey

    You’ve been under a bit of stress, A. Need some Ben and Jerry’s? Freebies. Tomorrow. (Oh, such joy!) Alert the blogosphere! :-)

  • http://futuremd.blogspot.com/ Victoria

    I was doing “the rounds” trying to find Pope-Conclave-centric blog sites, and was told by a friend about this site.

    Excellent, Anchoress! Although at first I was non-plussed because of the Wicca look and feel to it, nonetheless, it seems topical to what I am blogging about at the moment.

    During the Conclave, my usual eclectic mixed blog will concentrate on the Vatican’s goings on, so please come check it out.

    Here’s a piece of mine about the MSM coverage of the Pre-Conclave Mass on Monday.


  • Dan McCuen

    Don’t count him out yet.

    By Thursday night, we’ll know if it’s him. Cardinal Wojtyla was announced on the 3d day.

  • tmt

    K-Lo over at the Corner thinks if Ratzinger doesn’t win on the first 2 ballots today the Cardinals will begin to look elsewhere. I tend to agree. I guess he would be the “safe” bet for them-he will hold the present line I believe-but I would wish for someone who is not already known as a polarizing figure. I kinda wish for a relative unknown people will be open to.

  • http://tomgrey.motime.com Tom Grey – Liberty Dad

    “Dictatorship of Relativism” seems a pretty good synonym to Politically Correct.

    Still, I prefer “Secular Hedonism” as the true enemy of a Culture of Life — the hedonists merely use Relativism as a useful tool (for useful idiots?) to justify their consumerism.

  • Bob Koeth

    You know? I’m not so unsure that this man will not be selected as our next pope. He has been a staunch defender of the orthodoxy of the Catholic Faith and is from the moral, theological and philosophical strain of John Paul the Great. It sticks in my craw the insinuation that is being given the the conclave is “indecisive”. Give me a break! I want the cardinals to be decisive, and not compulsive to chose a sucessor quickly, or under outside pressure.

    The Holy Spirit speaks in a still and quiet voice to those who hear.