After 1000 years, another German pope. And the next World Youth Day will be held in 116 days.


That Holy Spirit! What a prankster! :-)

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  • Mary

    It’s Benedict!! I love it!

  • TheAnchoress

    Ratzinger is NOT a Benedictine, though. It must be said.

    He has merely taken the name of the founder of Western monasticism, but he could not be considered a Benedictine.

  • gabey0421

    vive il Papa

  • Jim Freeman

    Just stumbled upon your blog (thanks to Captain Ed’s hearty recommendation)…it’s fabulous and bookmarked…please continue the wondrous work which you have begun here…all blessings to you and yours.

  • Peter J. O’Keefe, Sr.

    I have recently discovered this site from recommendations by both Captain’s Quarter and Hugh Hewitt. I look forward to reading you daily. Thanks to both the afore-mentioned.
    Peter O’Keefe

  • Charlie Eklund

    Last November, writing for Robert Conte, Jr. predicted that the next Pope would be named Benedict XVI…and he also predicted a whole lot more, unfortunately.

    I wrote about it tonight on my site. If interested, check it out…but resign yourself to a sleepless night if you do.

    I hope and pray that the name-game is the only kind of prediction Mr. Conte is good at. If he’s just as good as predicting the big picture, there’s trouble ahead.

  • Mr Burns

    *Ronald* Conte’s article has been removed from Catholic Planet, but it was cached here in 2003. Among the discussion then of the next Pope being from the Third World is this one:

    Popes are chosen often in response to the challenges the church and society face, in addiction to the Curia politics. Pope Pius XII was in no doubt made Pope because of his expertise in foreign affairs during a time of extreme foreign turmoil(WW II). Pope John Paul II was in part chosen because of his resistence to Communists, and the fact his papacy would give opressed Catholics in Communist Countries a sign of hope.

    What is the biggest challenge the church faces today? It is not really in the 3rd world, but in the now secularised West, and how faith has collapsed especially in Europe. What is needed is a Pope who can restore faith in Europe, that is the biggest challenge the faith faces today by far. That said, I think this means somone else than Cdl Arinze, or most any Cardinal from a 3rd world country, because lets face it, if a POpe from a 3rd world country brings up morals, the Europeans will simpily dismiss him as being a uninformed man from the 3rd world. It is crisis mode all over the West now, even the more progressive Cardinals are very concerned.

    41 posted on 03/30/2003 2:06:32 AM PST by JNB