We have a pope!

Very quickly. I’m thinking Ratzinger, whom I predicted would NOT be pope. It would not be unusual for me to be wrong.

K-Lo at the Corner reminds us that today is the feastday of St. Leo IX, German pope.

Have we today elected another German?

I keep thinking of that moment at JPII’s funeral, when the crowd began to shout SANTO! SANTO, and the expression on Ratzinger’s face as he paused to let them expresse themselves. I think that moment sealed for all of the cardinals how very urgent it is for them not to lose faith with the people. What a moment! What a moment!

Wolf Blitzer even sounds excited!

He also sounds like he is dreading the possibility of Ratzinger.

Interesting tidbit, again from K-Lo, at The Corner (I’m just going to call her K-Lo-at-the-corner all the time. It sounds funky) – she writes that the very liberal Fr. Richard McBrien, of Notre Dame University is convinced that Ratzinger’s “confrontational” homily of yesterday indicates that he (Ratzinger) knows he will not be pope.

McBrien added, “If Cardinal Ratzinger were really campaigning for pope, he would have given a far more conciliatory homily designed to appeal to the moderates as well as to the hard-liners among the cardinals.”

“I think this homily shows he realizes he’s not going to be elected. He’s too much of a polarizing figure,” McBrien said. “If he were elected, thousands upon thousands of Catholics in Europe and the United States would roll their eyes and retreat to the margins of the church.”

Bah! I LOVED what Ratzinger said yesterday. It was a brave throwing down of a gauntlet.

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  • http://ohhowilovejesus Jeanette

    I just emailed you to tell you! What joy is going on in Rome right now, and oddly, what joy is in the heart of this Baptist! I pray the Holy Spirit led the “princes of the church” to pick the right man for the times.

  • peggy

    I’m an Episcopalian (and not afraid to admit it ;)) and I am sooooooo exicted!!!!! More than my own excitement and the thrill that I am feeling after all the wonderful suspense of the past days, I am so thrilled and tickled for all my Catholic brothers and sisters.

    We have a pope! How cool is it to say that? I don’t remember the last time this happened. We are witnessing history.

    But I am so surprised that it has happened so quickly. But I also think that is maybe a good thing. I hope anyway.

    The cardinals have been in my prayers and I trust the Holy Spirit has led them to choose the right man regardless of who it is.

    I can’t wait until we know. How exciting. I’ll never forget this day or this moment.

    May God bless the new pope whoever he is.

  • TheAnchoress

    It IS thrilling, isn’t it? My son Buster is home sick and he’s so wishing he were in St. Peters, with all of those other young people!

  • TheAnchoress

    It moves me so deeply to see my Protestant brothers and sisters excited, and to know that they too have been praying for the Holy Spirit to move these cardinals in the right way.

    You folks are great! :-)

  • peggy

    If its Ratzinger, I’m going to plotz :)

    Not that it would be a bad thing, it would just be a big surprise. And think of the howling that would ensue from the so-called “progressives” of the world if it was him.

    heh heh heh. Whats that? Are my horns showing??

  • http://ohhowilovejesus Jeanette


  • http://ohhowilovejesus Jeanette

    Pope Benedict XVI

  • Wanda

    I’ve always liked good old Ratzinger – I think I have one of his books from way back. And now that I’m in the process of conversion from Anglican to Catholic, he’ll be my pope when I finally cross the Tiber. He’s a great man, he’ll be a great pope. I’ve been watching the coverage on the French CBC channel, because it’s easier for me to tune out the French commentary, but I did catch some rather shocked and bitter comments. It’s just starting.

  • http://cartagodelenda.blogspot.com Matteo

    “If he were elected, thousands upon thousands of Catholics in Europe and the United States would roll their eyes and retreat to the margins of the church.”

    Poor things.