A final round-up on Benedict-the-polarizing!

Now that today has been, basically, all-Benedict-all-the-time, I thought I would end with a round up of links from Christian bloggers and non-Christian bloggers, although I will not link to kos or Democratic Underground. You know how to get there if you want to.

I’m feeling generous right now so let’s start of with Sock Monkey who is just fit to be tied and ready to bolt to the Anglicans. Jane is NOT happy, as she makes clear in her comments on the posting below, too, a post wherein I explore the idea that progressive Catholics might just split, and wonder whether they, or the press, have any willingness or capability to give the guy the benefit of a doubt. Janie says NO.

I’ll make a note of it. :-)

Julie at Happy Catholic, on the other hand is, well, happy

That is one for the happy column.

Julie links to several other happy Catholics over by her way, and delivers this:

Amongst the joy of the Ratzinger fans and the depression of those not so disposed, were these gems:


Kathy Shaidle, as possessor of the pair of XX chromosomes in the group, was anointed to speak on behalf of all Womankind, but failed her entire sex by not much caring whether women are ordained or not. She also gleefully declared that Benedict is hated by all the right people, so she was pleased as punch with his election. I very much enjoyed sharing our brief counter-insurgency together. :)Mark Shea commenting on their MSNBC appearance

Andrew Sullivan is SO unhappy I’m going to put him down as TWO.

Roman Catholic Blog is dancing around, as are Mark Shea, The Donegal Express and Amy Wellborn.

Doug at Bogus Gold is typically thoughtful, and Catholic Anglican, Sharon is also pleased.

Steve Norris who is not, I believe, Catholic, seems happy nonetheless.

Hugh Hewitt also non-Catholic, is typically wise and seems satisfied.

You know what? I’m tired. It’s been a really long day, and I’m heading to bed. I apologize for not linking to a zillion blogs as I had intended.

Tomorrow, I am busy preparing for a vacation (first one in three years! Yay!) and I PROMISE, I am going to change the subject, too! :-)

And now, may I ask all believing readers, of whatever creed, whether they are happy or unhappy about the new pope, to offer up a prayer on behalf of Jeanette’s loved ones.

Be generous in prayer. God is never outdone in generosity!

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