Hillary’s fundraisers raising eyebrows

The New York Times gives this the kid-glove treatment, suggesting that all of this will be nothing more than a wee embarrassment for “Mrs. Clinton.” (They always calls her that instead of Senator when they wants to make her softer…)

I know I don’t even need to say it, but I will. Can you imagine the hyperventilation we’d be seeing in the press if this stuff was about ANY GOP senator, congressman, etc?

Josh Gerstein seems to think the story won’t go away too easily and that it may “confound” the democrats.

Oh, I’m sure this will all get buried, explained away, spiked or someone will fall on a sword. Yawn.

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  • http://daddypundit.blogspot.com Daddypundit

    I expect the media to try to give Hillary a pass on these improprieties but don’t count on her getting the same pass from the blogosphere. She’s in a much different situation from 1992 (or even 1996) when her husband was running for President. Even in 2000 when she won her first election she could still spin the media. But blogs operate outside the world of media spin and bring a newfound accountability. Don’t expect the blogosphere to let this story to die quietly. Frankly, I doubt that Hillary could win a national election because she is simply too polarizing a candidate.

  • http://www.sundriesshack.com Jimmie

    Criminal activity?

    Whyever in the world would anyone be interested in that?

  • Darrell

    The MSM has sacrificed more of its credibility because of the Clintons than any two other people you can name. No intellectual curiosity at all from the MSM when it comes to the Clintons. We still haven’t seen the explore any of the great mysteries from those eight years. Who did hire Craig Livingstone as White House Security Director? Did it matter that his last major gig prior to that was playing “Chicken George” at GHWB rallies? What about the 1500+ FBI raw data files in his possession? Didn’t Colson go to jail for having one? Travelgate, Whitewater, Rose law firm records, Viet Nam ambassador’s claim of giving $1 million to Brown, etc., etc., etc. Tired of wasting my time enumerating them. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more than a few members of the MSM that would like to see the Clintons fade into the sunset forever. Even useful idiots have their limits.

  • http://sigcarlfred.blogspot.com/ Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

    I don’t know if the story will go away. As much as the MSM love Hillary, they love blood, even more. ‘If it bleeds, it leads.’

  • http://shotofpolitics.blogspot.com/ Joseph Marshall

    If you think about it, the Clintons have been subject to more criminal investigation, by independent prosecutors and grand juries, than anybody outside the Mafia. They are not yet in the joint, the last I heard, and most of the Dons are in the joint or in the grave.

    Newspapers can’t make that happen. Television can’t make that happen. The only thing that can make that happen is lack of evidence of criminal conduct. That’s how the world works. They call it “probable cause”. Not that I expect much realism any more about how the world works–all most of us know is how our keyboards work.

    As to the actual story, two pages in Metro is quite a lot of space and the story is quite dense with precise facts. (Not that I expect very much discrimination about “fact” either.) But if any of those facts are brass knuckles to stuff in the kid gloves and whop Hillary on the jaw, it isn’t apparent to me.

    I doubt it is apparent to any of you either, since absolutely none of the actual facts in the story appear either in the post or in the comments. Facts are so dull and so ten minutes ago.

  • Joe H

    How the MSM wishes this were Tom Delay. It would be on the first five pages and we would have wall to wall coverage calling for his resignation and jail time. If this gets close, look for the poor female Hillary in her pink outfit doing a tell all without hard questions.

  • Darrell

    They are not in the joint because the statute of limitations expired on most of the matters before the case came to light(e.g.,Futures trading–commodity trader already had been given immunity in exchange for record fine for not keeping records and executing simultaneous puts and calls, in effect selling gains and losses to clients who needed one or the other.) When that was not the case, key figures kept silent, taking the bullet for the Clintons. Some other key figures died. No evidence of anything other than natural causes, but dead nevertheless. Ask your tax accountant what would happen if you took a $30,000 tax loss, and were only able to show a $250 cancelled check for your investment(you claim ‘around $2000′). No record of a declaration of even the $28,000 as unearned income(gift)on the remainder of the investment position). When did this surface? Slightly more than three years before it came to light. SOL–in this case, statute of limitations. No one actually knows what Whitewater was. Not even the best forensic accountants. The last I heard, they had recovered hundreds of thousands of pages of transactions. Most seemingly duplicative transactions that appear to make no sense– money shifted around among various accounts and eventually returned to the original account. Those are usually the hallmarks of a money laundering scheme, but the best of the best can not figure out what was going on. It’s so complex, that it could never be presented to a jury.