Hillary’s Press-Protection Pass Slowly Being Revoked

Hillary’s Press-Protection Pass Slowly Being Revoked May 20, 2015

Image Public Domain via Voice of America and Wikimedia Commons
Image Public Domain via Voice of America and Wikimedia Commons

Pondering, in my last post, issues of silencing, and protective passes, I must admit is interesting — actually fascinating and disturbing — to watch the press as it starts signaling to the Silent Hillary Clinton that her protective pass is being revoked, and slowly pulled from her hands.

The press is finally beginning to publish stories it has loyally kept aside until now, and the headlines are terrible for Hillary, for Bill, and even for the unliked Chelsea, whose boring mediocrity the press has been dutifully ignoring, up to now, as suddenly Benghazi-and-what-Hillary-Knew-When matters; our disastrous moves in Libya and the related money questions begin to matter, as does the fact that — with the help of her despised henchman, Sid Blumenthal — the Clintons have more or less been assembling a kind of Independent Clinton Nation under the guise of their foundation, and have also been running a kind of shadow government, in which they have worked apart from the wishes of the Obama administration, right down to their exclusive intel network and the use of an email server and addresses apart from our own government’s and only accessible to theirs, and down to the placement of its own, reliable media-minions.

Interesting times. I must here repeat my prediction/advice from last July:

I expect Elizabeth Warren will be the nominee, if she can avoid exposing her own mediocrity beyond what the press can spin and excuse. She’s become more confident, and has learned to suppress the expression of perpetual befuddlement which she wore early on. Warren is the new “pol to protect at all costs” for the mainstream media, so she will get all of the protections Hillary used to enjoy, and a dollop of the “most brilliant person” narrative that is routinely bestowed upon Democrat candidates (I can’t recall one in my lifetime who wasn’t uncannily “brilliant and nuanced” including John Kerry, who clearly is neither, and who got worse grades that even Dubya while at Yale).

As for poor, put-upon Hillary?

It’s time for Hillary to go home; she is done. She is past her sell-by date and stale, and the fact that she doesn’t seem to realize it says a great deal both about her political instincts, which have always been terrible and nothing like her husband’s, and her detachment from the public mood. She has made a lot more money than Obama once implied was “enough.” Let her enjoy it, or better yet, let her give a good portion of it away, which always feels really good, and can give real assistance to the people for whom she has advocated.

And life is short; at what point does the quest for power get put aside for a bit of rest, and simple human pleasures before death rolls in, as it does for us all? Perhaps Hillary needs to finally get off the planes and put down some roots and take the time to do with her grandchild the things she was too busy to do with her child — plant and harvest a garden, give time to the small, still voice. Perhaps she can finally bake some cookies and make some tea, and share it with a toddler and a teddy bear. A party of her own devising.

In a Nation of her own creation!

For a party dedicated to identity politics and determined to be the one that brings us America’s first female president — which is kind of sexist and objectifying in its own way — the truth is, blond Elizabeth Warren and her much lighter baggage, will serve the purposes of the party and the press (I am redundant) just as well as blond Hillary ever would. One blond in her sixties or another, as long as the female card is played.

And no worries from blond Carly’s corner; her affiliation has automatically rendered her stupid blond affirmative-action story.

Via Glenn Reynolds, one for the hard drives: A ready-remembrance of recent history in light of ISIS advances in Iraq

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