Democrats out another gay guy

One of the reasons I had to leave the Democrat party, after a lifetime, was because I couldn’t stomach the double-standards anymore. Just as I couldn’t stand to hear that the lesbian seduction of a 13 year old girl in the play The Vagina Monologues was considered a “good” rape (the play has now re-written the girl’s age to 16, but it’s still “good”), I cannot stand it when the supposedly tolerant left outs a gay person. There is never a good reason to invade someone’s privacy like that. You never see the supposedly homophobic right do it, but the “tolerant” left does it all the time. “Dick Cheney’s daughter is a Lesbian! A LESBIAN!”

Now…Rick Santorum’s Spokesman is black! And GAY!!!

Supposedly, if you have been labled a homophobe by the left (and they label everyone on the right a homophobe) then you are a hypocrite of the first water if you love, support, employ, jog with or invite-over-for-coffee a gay person.

But the left sees no hypocrisy in their smarmy outing of gay people, because “it’s for their own good…” Or something.

Ace has some succinct thoughts, as always.

The left of course despises the spokesman for being a traitor to his race and sexuality, and so has outed him as gay. (They would have outed him as black, too, but his skin’s high concentration of melanin already gave that away.)

Remember: Everyone’s private sexual conduct is their own business… so long as you’re liberal.

Indeed. Sadly, indeed.

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