Everything that came before Iraq War

World Trade Center 1993

Khobar Towers 1996

Nairobi 1998

East Timor 1999


Gee whiz…looks to me like in the 1990’s we were seeing an attack almost every 18 months, or so! Then…

New York City 9/11/01

New York City 9/11/01

Washington, DC 9/11/01

Bali 2002

Let’s not forget the 1985 hijacking of the Achille Lauro, during which Abu Nidal murdered Leon Klinghoffer – before taking refuge in Iraq.

Let’s not forget the 1983 Bombing of American troops, in their barracks, in Beirut.

Let’s not forget the taking of American hostages, in 1979, held for 444 days.

Let’s not forget bin Laden’s own words in 2001 rallying against the West and trying to convince the world that our efforts in Afghanistan were unjust because, “there is no evidence of the involvement of the people of Afghanistan in what happened in America.” (H/T Glenn Reynolds) Rather like those insisting the same about Iraq, today.

Tell us some more how terrorists are only responding to regime change in Iraq, and how if only we would obey the “insurgents” there and leave Iraq, all of this would end. Tell us all about it with your tired, phoney, apologetics. Tell us how terror that has existed for decades is all the fault of George W. Bush and his poodle Blair.

Trey Jackson has video of John Howard spelling it out as well.

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