Perpetual Adolescent watch

Once again, they’re taking off all their clothes because…somehow…that means something intelligent.

My niece used to get naked when she was having a tantrum, but she outgrew it.

This is not work-safe, and if the site of pendulous, sagging breasts, inflated scrotums and transgendered nudity upsets you, you shouldn’t go look.

If you’re mightily bored, you can go look, but you’ll still be bored. In which case I highly recommend you go read this article by Cheri Pierson Yecke which points out that some people do grow up, and some do not.

Both Items, H/T Michelle.

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  • Donna

    Arghhhhh!!! Despite what the 60′s feminists said, those pictures show that bras were invented for a very good reason.

    Really, you have to wonder about the mindset of people who think that there is a link between displaying their unlovely bodies and persuading people to oppose the war.

  • skeetor

    This stuff used to really gross me out, now I seem to be getting used to it, after all these are real people, people you’d see every day walking down the street (normally clothed).


    Ugh, real people boobies… isn’t there some kind of law against this?