Idle Speculation on Sandy Berger

Dr. Sanity is wondering if George W. Bush and Sandy Berger have become best buddies?

In June, two months after Berger pled guilty to what some say is the most serious crime ever committed by a senior White House official – Bush invited him to the White House, where, according to the Associated Press, the disgraced former Clinton advisor was trotted out to voice support for CAFTA legislation.

Hmmm…that might explain something I’ve noticed. The press and the Democrats have been increasingly hateful and malicious toward Bush, of course, especially since last November…but it seems to me that just recently – say, since April or May – since just before Berger was sentenced and the Able Danger story came out, they’ve really stepped up their “Destroy Bush” efforts to an unprecedented, and truly sick degree.

I’m wondering if there is a connection between Berger’s WH appearance and the extremely lenient first sentencing of Berger – a sentence so lenient that it was recently increased. Dr. Sanity, again:

Yesterday D.C. Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson rejected a plea worked out for Berger by the Bush Justice Department, saying the $10,000 fine and 3-year security suspension arranged by Public Integrity Section chief Noel Hillman was way too lenient. Robinson quintupled the fine and sentenced Berger to 100 hours of community service, saying that Hillman’s recommendation didn’t “sufficiently reflect the seriousness of the offense.”

I’ve had a suspicion for a while that Berger got off so easily for what were clearly high crimes because when he made a bargain with the government, he really DELIVERED, and delivered something big. Or many somethings big. That perhaps he gave up the goods on potential Dem presidential candidates, or on 9/11, or terrorism failings, or SOMETHING that the left does not want put out there. Maybe the revelations re Able Danger (sadly, barely reported and now buried under Katrina’s waves) were the first of many bits of “new information,” that the press will work diligently to not cover and the Democrats will rush to spin and discredit.

Maybe the stepping up of this “destroy Bush” illness being suffered by so many on the left is all about survival.

I look at Bush having Berger on display and think of it as being along the lines of a kidnapper showing tape of the kidnapped: “we’ve got yer boy…” a warning, or message, so to speak. Or maybe it was Bush letting the rest of the table know he was holding an ace. That might have been a bad, indiscreet move.

I wonder if destroying Bush is part of the strategery to recover Sandy Berger, and what he knows…and whatever he has handed over?

Perhaps it explains the almost weekly appearance of stories proclaiming Bill Clinton the savior of the world, and his plan for world domination and his third inaugural.

Consider. Sometimes the littlest items in the news can connect big things to big things.

And isn’t it sort of amazing, how many Clinton people have either gone into television to become “journalists” or married journalists, like Jennifer Loven and Christiane Amanpour…or moved to England, like Sid Blumenthal?

Just thinkin’ aloud, that’s all.

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