Inexplicable McCain? Not at all

It is a little mind blowing to me that Cindy Sheehan arrived in Washington with 30 supporters – Yes, 30 – and yet this pathetic media-creation is weilding enough power to get Hillary Clinton and John McCain to meet with her.

Sen. Clinton’s decision to meet with Sheehan flies in the face of her attempts to reposition herself as a pro-defense Democrat – although lately she’s been scrambling to appeal to her party’s left-wing base.

The McCain meeting, however, is completely inexplicable.

Nonsense. Hillary Clinton and John McCain are great pals who routinely go on “fact finding” tours together, etc, and McCain does still like to occassionaly screw George W. Bush when he can. He has NEVER gotten over being defeated by Bush and losing all of those “Maverick” magazine covers, you know.

I’m wondering if Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McCain have an agreement of sorts about 2008. I think he will run as an Independent candidate, believing he will split the GOP (just as Perot did in 1992) so that Hillary can win the presidency with 42%, just as her husband did, in 1992, and then she will appoint McCain as Sec. of Defense, which is a job he craves second to the presidency.

Prof. Bainbridge shares his thoughts.

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    My Dear Anchoress,


    I like the way you think. :)

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  • http://none Darrell

    McCain thinks he will win the Republican Primary this time hands down. Must be all that MSM smoke going up his…

    He won’t.

    I like to think about having a little fun this term. Maybe Vice-President Cheney “retiring” with six months to go on his term, and President Bush appointing Condi to take his place. And maybe President Bush retiring with three months to go. It would be rather nice to give the honor of the first female President to Condi….even if she doesn’t run. And I know Hillary would appreciate the gesture, too!

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