It’s economic! It’s social!

It’s a failed social and economic policy that has brought France to its unhappy state!

Since the ’70s, America has created 57 million new jobs, compared with just four million in Europe (with most of those jobs in government). In France and much of Western Europe, the economic system is weighted toward the already employed (the overwhelming majority native-born whites) and the growing mass of retirees. Those ensconced in state and corporate employment enjoy short weeks, early and well-funded retirement and first dibs on the public purse. So although the retirement of large numbers of workers should be opening up new job opportunities, unemployment among the young has been rising: In France, joblessness among workers in their 20s exceeds 20%, twice the overall national rate. In immigrant banlieues, where the population is much younger, average unemployment reaches 40%, and higher among the young.

But the good news is, the wealthy white folks (here, we call ’em limosine liberals) can enjoy Paris in all of its elegance and splendor without even having to look at the brown-skinned people:

Paris, where the central city is largely off-limits to immigrants, in some ways due to the dirigiste planning that so many professional American urbanists find appealing. Since Napoleon III rebuilt Paris, uprooting many existing working-class communities, the intention of the French elites has been to preserve the central parts of the city–often with massive public investment–for the affluent. This has consigned the proletariat, first white and now increasingly Muslim, to the proximate suburbs–into what some French sociologists call “territorial stigma.” In these communities, immigrants are effectively isolated from the overpriced, elegant central core and the ever-expanding outer suburban grand couronne.

Ladies and gentlemen, the social model the American left finds so praiseworthy. Elitist. Racist. Isolated. Un-integrated. Dis-integrating. Appeasing. Out-of-Touch. Impotent. Unproductive. Dying.

Socialism does not work.

AJ Strata has a stunning graph showing where all the hotspots are, in Gaul.

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