Gay Marriage and its effects

Texas has voted a ban on gay marriage.

Many will say such a thing is “intolerant,” and that gay marriage will have “zero effect” on straight marriage or society in general, it is merely “fair.”

Well, some feel differently.

No Speed Bumps while trying to be sensitive, doesn’t really see the point in it. He has lots of links.

Meanwhile, Katherine Kersten notes that since gay marriage became legal in Canada, its tentacles reach into every aspect of society. (Hmmmm that page is no longer available – admin).

“Canadians who believe in the historic definition of marriage, who believe that children need a mother and father, are now the legal equivalent of racists.”

Today, Canada is combing through its laws and institutions to remove evidence of heterosexist discrimination. Terms such as husband and wife are now forbidden across the spectrum of Canadian law and government programs. The legal meaning of parenthood is being transformed, with consequences no one can predict.

Henry says Canadian schools are becoming battlegrounds. “Children will have to be taught about homosexual acts in health class, as they now are about heterosexual acts. Books that promote same-sex marriage are being introduced in some elementary schools. In one action, complainants have demanded ‘positive queer role models’ across the whole curriculum. If parents complain, they’ll be branded as homophobes.”

Sound farfetched? People who disagree with same-sex marriage risk charges of hate speech. In British Columbia, teacher Chris Kempling has been found guilty — and disciplined — for defending male-female marriage in newspaper opinion pieces. Henry himself has been hauled before the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal for promoting traditional marriage in his pastoral letters. “The human rights tribunals have become like thought police,” he says. “In Canada, you can now use the coercive powers of the state to silence opposition.”

Newton is thinking Christian persecution ain’t far off.

I don’t really have the head to write about it, but my instinct is this: Every social movement, whether it is “intended” to be used as such or not by its instigators, is eventually co-opted by the socialist left for the advancement of their agenda. Aside from the saturating the secular with the excesses of “tolerance” that always end up “not tolerating” anyone who dares to disagree, gay marriage will become the excuse to charge churches with “hate crimes” which might incur loss of tax-exempt status or huge punitive damages that could cripple them.

Sue and Sally and Mark and Martin might all say, “hey, we’re not out to hurt anyone, we’re not out to install our viewpoint on everyone else and effect the way other couples parent their children…we’re not out to destroy the churches; we just want to get married,” and they might really believe that. But whether they “mean” for it to happen or not, nothing lives in a vacuum, and too many people who DO have fascistic conformity and the abolition of religion on their minds WILL use the issue to continue to play their way down the field, regardless of anyone’s “intentions.”

Stanley Kurtz wrote about what we might see Beyond Gay Marriage in 2003. It’s an eye-opener two years later.

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