Touched in the Chemo Room

Rick at Brutally Honest, who generally gets me giggling, posts a heart-tugger today, about what he observed in the Chemo room while his father, now losing his hair, took his second dose.

I felt my emotion rising so I looked around the room, forcing myself to get a grip. Counting Dad, there were 7 people receiving their chemo treatments and soon Mr. Blue-Gray Eyes would be joining them. Some were reading, others casually looking around. I made eye-contact with an older gentleman and he smiled at me, I smiled back and said Hi. The woman to my Dad’s left began to tell him that his hair would fall out in clumps and that he should probably go ahead and shave it off. That’s when I noticed her wig. The lump in the throat grew bigger.

Lots of folks to pray for, all over the place. Rich writes a handy prayer to get you started.

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