A mouth packed with gauze

My elder son had four wisdom teeth extracted today. While it all went well, and the kid did it on mere local anasthesia, I don’t get many opportunities to “mother” the 20 year old, these days, so blogging will be light. :-)

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Tell him to kick back and enjoy the attention.

    Give him ice cream. He’ll tell his grandchildren how wonderful you were.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    the kid did it on mere local anasthesia

    When mine came out, I too foolishly went with only local anesthesia. Thus, I could hear the teeth being cracked before they were extracted and could feel the tugs as they came out. As a result, I naturally tended to tense up, and I think the fact that my muscles were not completely relaxed led to a much longer recuperating period.
    Now, my girlfriend at the time had hers out shortly after I did, and she decided to go all the way under. Because she was so much more relaxed, she recovered much quicker than I did.
    So, it could be a week before his jaw recovers enough to chew properly and without pain.

  • newton

    Unfortunately, my wisdom teeth were removed exactly two days before my honeymoon vacation in Cancun. One day, I was in serious pain. I asked an intern what she saw in the profile of my face and she said “Swelling.” That very same day, I was referred for dental surgery.

    Yep. General anesthesia. I was too chicken to hear and feel all of it.

    Needless to say, my honeymoon was beach-less, swimsuit-less, and sun-less. I had to stay indoors because the pain and swelling were still too much for me to handle under the sun. Some of the retailers at the shops there were sweet enough to give me aspirin.

    I feel your son’s pain. I do. I really do. :(

  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Newton, you need to work on timing.

  • Mary

    I have a wierd comment — I had three out under local, and (I am not making this up) it wasn’t too bad at all.
    Let’s hope for a pleasant surprise here.

  • http://ohhowilovejesus.com Jeanette

    My kids had theirs out with local but the dentist would do only two at a time so they’d have one side they could use to chew. I actually only grew 3 wisdom teeth and one was so small it was really deformed so when it came out it was like a baby tooth. I still have all my wisdom on the bottom row though. ;) Good luck to elder son in his pain. Wisdom teeth and putting on braces were the worst with my two.

  • karen

    I remember mine- I did the 2×2 plan, as well. I bled pretty badly- I used a wet teabag to clot it up. I figured if I could get through wisdom teeth (I didn’t want to get the 2nd set done after the pain of the 1st) I could conquer the pain of anything.

    Along came childbirth :)…

    At least the Elder doesn’t have to go back for a 2nd set!! And, I can’t imagine spending my honeymoon in so much pain. Sorry to hear dear Newton did.

  • http://benningswritingpad.blogspot.com/ benning

    I remember my Dad having his out when I was quite young. He was laid up for a few days after. Mom had us kids walking on tippy-toe until Dad was able to face getting up.

    Me, my wisdom teeth aren’t impacted. They slide out from under my gums now and then. So, I teeth! For a few days, each year, I teeth.

    Frankly, I prefer to teeth than have an extraction. Whatcha think?

  • Cathy

    I understand – about 6 months ago my eldest had his wisdom teeth out. I have to say one of the highlights of 2005 was when he called me after he got home and asked if I could bring him over to my house for the night. Ahhhhh!! It was a day to cherish!! :-)

  • TheAnchoress

    Thanks for all the good wishes and advice – he’s doing remarkably well. There is almost no swelling and he’s managing the pain with just some motrin and tylenol. Seems pretty cheerful, all things considered. I think this must be a pretty good dentist.