Ever ancient ever new

I have no idea how I stumbled into Ancient and Future Catholic Musings but I liked where it lead. I particularly like this bit of early church writing which I had never seen before.

I want to recommend a great early Christian writing: The Epistle to Diognetus. It is a beautiful letter written by an unknown early Christian somewhere between the late first century and the mid second century.

They [Christians] dwell in their own countries, but only as
sojourners; they bear their share in all things as
citizens, and they endure all hardships as strangers.
Every foreign country is a fatherland to them, and
every fatherland is foreign.

They marry like all other men and they beget
children; but they do not cast away their offspring.

They have their meals in common, but not their

They find themselves in the flesh, and yet they
live not after the flesh.

Their existence is on earth, but their
citizenship is in heaven.

They obey the established laws, and they
surpass the laws in their own lives.

They love all men, and they are persecuted by

They are ignored, and yet they are condemned.

They are put to death, and yet they are endued with

They are in beggary, and yet they make many
rich. They are in want of all things, and yet they
abound in all things.

They are dishonoured, and yet they are
glorified in their dishonour. They are evil spoken of,
and yet they are vindicated.

They are reviled, and they bless; they are
insulted, and they respect.

The more things change….

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