Jester rounds up the Catholics -

Not all of them, of course, but The Curt Jester has a look at the blogs who won this year’s Catholic Blog Awards, and typically he has lovely comments about everyone. If you have not had a chance yet, please take a moment and check out the complete list of nominees. You might find a great blog or two you never saw before – I know I have!

Jeff the Jester makes an interesting observation re Al Kimel’s excellent Pontifications blog (which won three awards):

Pontifications (won) for Most Insightful Blog, Most Intellectual Blog, and Most Theological Blog. Last year Al Kimel was part of the awards even though he was not yet Catholic. As a punishment we forced marched him across the Tiber to make amends and what a wonderful addition he makes.

:-) Indeed!

Thanks to Joshua LaBlanc who did all the heavy lifting on the awards, especially! And of course, you guys for voting for yours truly and all our other favorites!

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