She never knows anything…

And when she does know something, she forgets it.

That’s our Hillary.

She didn’t KNOW Bill was a fan of the UAE!

Dang that lovable old Bill, he’s always keeping secrets from her!

They are triangulation experts but at what point will they start throwing each other under the buses?

Although – and this is sad, but true – as former presidents or co-presidents go, these two are still better than this bitter, spiteful and horrifically needful man. Oh, I forgot to add despicable, too.

David Limbaugh’s another sort of co-presidency.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    All I know is that Hillary is clearly miffed that Bill came out and rained on her parade.

    Once more, he won’t be getting any…sympathy.

  • Ellen

    If Hillary runs for President, she’ll have to keep old Bill in a soundproof room till it’s all over. But given his penchant for being the star of every occasion – things could get very interesting!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Seriously here — Although generally the authenticity of a couple’s marriage is none of my business, I would really like to see some statistics showing how much time these two actually spend together, how many days/nights these two are actually together. The impression that I get is that it could not even reasonably be said that they are living together — she essentially lives in D.C., while he sometimes lives in N.Y., but is travelling most of the time. All of which gives him plenty of time to spend with various girlfriends. And which also explains why she doesn’t know what the hell he is saying or doing most of the time.