Hillary and the Sweatshop Tycoon?

Byron Hill has a piece here on some donor money Hillary might want to return.

NY Sun expounds upon the story.

Senator Clinton’s likely Republican opponent in 2006 and a South Korean newspaper are raising questions about campaign donations the New York Democrat has received from a New York businessman who is involved in an organization that sets up cultural events in North Korea.

The organization was founded by a man who later resigned as South Korea’s ambassador to America after allegations emerged that he helped establish a “slush fund” for South Korean politicians.

“Once again serious questions surround Senator Clinton’s fund-raising operation,” the Republican challenger in Mrs. Clinton’s Senate re-election bid, a former mayor of Yonkers, John Spencer, said about the donations. “We know that federal charges were levied against her fund-raisers from her last campaign and that she has taken money linked to supporters of Iranian mullahs. Now another issue pops up. Senator Clinton needs to come clean and answer these latest questions.”

Mr. Lee lists his address as Flushing and affiliates himself with the “Speed Investment Corporation,” with the “Open Center” as an “investor”; with the “World Culture Open Organizing Committee,” and with the “World Culture Open” as an “investor.”

World Culture Open describes itself on its Web site as “an international nonprofit organization harnessing world’s cultural legacies for advancing the wellbeing of humanity and the betterment of the world” that “aims to celebrate diversity of culture and mobilize cultural resources for the common good, holistic wellbeing, and harmonious coexistence between and among diverse cultures.” The World Culture Open Incorporated is registered in New York State as a “foreign not-for-profit corporation.”

Among WCO’s efforts at “harmonious coexistence” were planned cultural-exchange festivals in Pyongyang, North Korea

This stuff follows her around like toilet paper on the back of her heel. It helps that the press leaves her alone, though. Imagine if they bothered her with this stuff. It would be so annoying.

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