Sing out, Rabbi, Sing out!

A Rabbi speaks up for the president even to his fellow-conservatives.

Though his polls are at what they call “a low point,” the President has not made any attempt to refashion long-held principles in an effort to regain popularity and create a rise in his numbers. I am astounded and heart-warmed by this man’s ability to stay the course during this time of war and to choose principle over popularity. I respect him for that.

To me — a Conservative first and Republican second — it is beyond doubt that George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Andrew Card and even Condi Rice constitute the most conservative administration — and vocally so — we have ever seen, and one stronger and more resolute than even that of Ronald Reagan. It remains Conservative even in its second term.

We do not realize this because, unlike Reagan, Bush has not been blessed with the central-casting characteristics of Reagan. Reagan was endowed with certain physical mannerisms that gave him a larger than life aura. He was very self-confident. He was also a man of not one but two generations previous. Men born a century ago had a certain bearing and unequivocation, an assuredness; more so than those of us today under 60 raised in an era of ambiguity and liberal political correctness.

But when it comes to inner steel, I think Bush has ingot loads, as well as a heart with firm muscle. He is a terrific sheriff. That’s why I have my synagogue make a special blessing for him, every Sabbath at 12 pm — at High Noon.

I might spend the rest of the week just posting good stuff about Bush. I just might.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    Thanks for the heads up to a terrific article.

    The Rabbi makes clear that conservatism is less about pleasing everyome than it is about principles.

    Show me a principled man and I’ll show you a good leader, liberal or conservative.

    While I may not agree philosophically all the time, I know principled leaders serve the nation and not just various agendas.

  • MaxedOutMama

    Anchoress, I have a few pretty strong disagreements with some of Bush’s policies.

    But Chief No-Nag and I agree that we both think that he is a great president. We are looking at the conditions of his presidency and what he had done with him, plus his determined attempt to deal with the really big problems of our time.

    He is not divisive to anyone who doesn’t believe that telling the truth is a scandal. He has not behaved as a dictator.

    No president can run a country alone. What is so mediocre and dysfunctional right now is Congress. For that the voters must bear a large part of the responsibility.

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