Dems on Security: Consistant! Errr…

I notice that many people are zeroing in on what I believe is Hillary Clinton’s contribution to the Democrats “Real” Security (as opposed to the fake security we’ve been working on for these years) – that would be the particularly hypocritical, eye-spinning admonition of the Bush Administration for “outsourcing” negotiations with Iran. Writes Jim Geraghty:

This from the party of multilateralism, the party of the “global test”, the party that’s all about “strengthening alliances.” You can’t argue that we should trust our allies and let them do more, and the once that policy is enacted, turn around and claim that we’re “subcontracting.”

Lots of sites having fun with this amalgam of bumper-sticker slogans, empty rhetoric and – oh yes – the promise to “punish” the evil, lying President Bush. I like Gateway’s list of questions.

Ed Morrissey notes that even the reliably liberal LA Times couldn’t find much to respect in this insulting, shallow and cynical effort.

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