Derek Jeter Jumps

In yesterday’s game, Jeter once again made a terrific play, fielding a grounder, spinning 360 degrees while in the air and making a perfect throw to get the runner out at first. No easy feat with no feet on the ground – the throw is built entirely on upper body strength – but Jeter makes it look simple. A commenter during the broadcast said (paraphrasing), “I’ve watched him do that move for 11 years, now, and after a while you forget just how remarkably tough it is…until you see another shortstop try to duplicate it.”

And when you see something that difficult, executed that perfectly on a beautiful late-summer day…well…for a minute, life is just blissful.

However, fangirl though I am, I thought this Onion piece was pretty funny:

Experts: ‘Derek Jeter Probably Didn’t Need To Jump To Throw That Guy Out’

BRISTOL, CT—Baseball experts agreed Sunday that Derek Jeter, who fielded a routine ground ball during a regular-season game in which the Yankees were leading by five runs and then threw it to first base using one of his signature leaps, did not have to do that to record the out. “If it had been a hard-hit grounder in the hole or even a slow dribbler he had to charge, that would’ve been one thing,” analyst John Kruk said during a broadcast of Baseball Tonight. “But when it’s hit right to him by [Devil Rays first-baseman] Greg Norton, a guy who has no stolen bases and is still suffering the effects of a hamstring injury sustained earlier this year… Well, that’s a different story.”

A-Rod had a good game, hopefully pulling himself out of his slump. Got my fingers crossed.

And although I wish only a terrible finish for the Boston Red Sox, because…well, because they are the Boston Red Sox…I want to say I hope Big Papi is okay, and I know one of the young fellows on the team is dealing with a cancer-scare right now. No one wants to see that sort of thing going on. I may hate the team, but I don’t want anyone to get hurt or sick.

Lesson to those of you on the left who want my family members to die because you don’t like my politics or my opinions…it’s okay to dislike. It’s okay to disagree, vehemently. It’s not okay to wish death upon someone’s family, in war or out, simply because there is a difference of opinion and perception. Good Lord, even a Yankee fan knows that. Even a Sox fan knows it.

And I’ve had enough family members die over the past 18 months, thanks.

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