A young milfamily needs your prayers

A heartbreaking post from a young father who may soon be a single parent.

The breast cancer has metastisized to her brain. There are tumors in her brain. Brain cancer.

The neurologist contacted our cancer doctor, who was attending a cancer conference. He rescheduled the mastectomy to this Tuesday, with her checking-in to the hospital on Monday.
The news is this. There are eleven tumors in her brain. If you were to divide her brain into quadrants, then at least two of the tumors would be as large as the quadrant. There are also metastatic tumors in her lungs (again).

So, we have breast cancer, lung cancer, and brain cancer. And like the neurologist told us, while the situation is not hopeless, it is extremely serious. If we do nothing at all, she likely has no more than a few months.?

What now… That’s the question we’ve been facing for the last several days. We’ve come to the acceptance that within a year, I’ll likely be a single father. By acceptance, I don’t mean to imply happiness or anything like that. More like many, many tears.

Prayer works. Please remember this family in your daily prayers.

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