James Kim, RIP

This is really heartbreaking but not unexpected at this point. My heart really goes out to the family. So sad. Mr. Kim left clues hoping to be found.

The first rule: stay put and you have a better chance of being found. But no one can fault this man for trying to get help for his family. Donations for the family may be made here.

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    I deplore people who hate “White Girl Missing” news, because of many reasons, not the least of which is because think it’s not hard news.

    That’s as may be, but I have to say — this story hasn’t been as well covered or as extensively as the Natalie Holloway story.

    9 days before there was a ruckus in the news channels? Come on.

    For whatever reason, this story really affected me. Everything about it — from the the tire burning, to the dad leaving his trousers as clues, to the mum breastfeeding her kiddies.

    God, what a tragedy. RIP Mr. Kim…