Voting is open! Vote for meeeee! Or, you know…Not.

The 2006 Weblog Awards

Voting for the 2006 Weblog Awards is open. As a finalist in the Individual Blog category I’m happy to direct your fingers here. Vote in all the categories you read, and you can vote once each 24 hour period.

Aylward’s crew hasn’t been able to get all finalists in all 45 categories linked up, yet, so you can check out the rest of the “Individual Blog” finalists below.

Dr. Sanity
Andrew Sullivan
James Lileks
Evangelical Outpost
Riehl World View
Blue Star Chronicles
Talking Points Memo
Glenn Greenwald

Heavy hitters, all, and it is remarkable to me to even be part of it.

As you check around you’ll see there are some exceedingly good blogs out there and the competition is very stiff with many great bloggers represented in almost every category. I found very few in which I was able to vote for one blog without thinking, “aw, but that blog is awfully good, too…”

The Weblog Awards are impressive in the enormous amount of work Kevin Aylward and the Wizbang folks put into them, and they’re fun, too. Mostly it’s a chance to have a good time wheedling votes and exchanging good-natured emails among “rivals,” and to both tease and thank one’s readers and fellow bloggers. More importantly, it gives everyone a chance to explore blogs they may not have visited before and perhaps find a few new faves.

And if one wins, that’s cool – you get to put the Winner button in your sidebar. But it’s nice just to have the finalist one up, too. Let’s have some fun!

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