Do you keep holy water in your house?

I do. I periodically bless the rooms, doors and windows with holy water. When my kids were small I would bless them with it before they went out to school, or if they were sick.

We have a holy water font by the front door – do you? It is – frankly – often dry. Perhaps for the rest of Lent I will try to use it more frequently, to instill that habit, and get my husband to, too.

This is a sort of cool video on the subject, from the perspective of a husband and father.

Btw, there is a story being passed around about exorcists in Poland. As I always say, don’t fear the exorcists.

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  • travis

    Thanks for the link back to the site.

  • charlesh

    Yes. I keep holy water, blessed salt, incense, and candles. Sacramentals are very powerful against demons. A good habit is to sprinkle holy water on the doors of your house every night, and when you head out in the morning, bless yourself with holy water “in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost”.

  • http://none Darrell

    Those new exorcists in Europe are going to be very busy. Or at least they should be.