A meme for a busy day: 6 Things

West Coast Catholic tagged me. As I’m trapped in the land of “paying work” today (and grateful I am, to have it) I’ll just be lazy and respond:

The Meme: Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

1) I hate all fruit (which I have previously identified as the source of all the world’s problems) except for oranges. But they have to be large, naval oranges with thick skins. I abhor orange juice.

2) Often when I am writing, I talk to myself in a Donald Duck voice.

3) I do not watch any sort of soap opera, daytime or nighttime.

4) Members of my birth family do not know about this blog; most of them have never read any of my professional writing, and that’s totally okay with me.

5) Having two kids in college may force me to close down the blog and go get a job out there in the real world. Which is okay, I guess; I can do lots of things. But I like writing best, and will miss being able to do so much of it!

6) I do not withdraw from the world because I detest it, but because I love it so much it is almost unbearable.

Okay, the rules say I have to tag 6, so…Tagging: Professor Bainbridge, Ann Althouse, Gerald, Gay Patriot, Beth, Kate-the-Great. Sorry, guys!

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  • http://www.spiritualthingsmatter.com Viola Jaynes

    Anchoress, you made me laugh today. I would love to hear that Donald Duck voice.

    How can you not love fruit? I simply don’t understand! I don’t understand! :-) During Christmas time we received oranges in the orphanage. We did, on occasion, pluck apples from trees. Perhaps that is why I love fruit so much now. The only fruits that I don’t care for is coconuts…they give me the chill bumps.

    Anchoress, I can’t believe you may need to shut your blog down. Your writing has been such a blessing. Perhaps you could simply post less frequently?

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  • marybel

    With the fruit thing, I absolutely agree. My reason is that fruit is notoriously UNDEPENDABLE. One nectarine can taste scrumptous and the one beside it can raise blisters on your tongue. In a carton of strawberries, one can be like candy the next, equally lovely looking, sour as dill. Same with grapes, appples, even tangerines. Not for me.

    Give me a good solid dependable potato chip or frito anyday. Always tastes the same throughout the bag…and the burnt ones are obviously lousy so I can just chuck them out.

  • roro

    I’m going to have to disqualify trivial fact #6 on the grounds of it being not at all trivial.