Need a label? Coffee? Change of Habit?

I’ve been so fortunate as to pick up a few ads for the blog, and I always like to give my advertisers a mention. Note, if you’re thinking about becoming a nun or priest, there’s an ad up about it at the top of the right-hand column!

The Vision site is unusual, I think, in that it works like one of those relationship e-match sites, only it tries to survey you and help you find the religious community that suits your needs and interests. Once upon a time, if you had a hankering for that life, you just joined up with the nearest vowed gang in the neighborhood. Pretty interesting, this modern world of ours.

Of course, you see my monk coffee ad
– I can’t say enough about that coffee; the smoothness got me through my ‘sugarless coffee’ Lent! I would be interested to know what those of you who have ordered it think; do you like it as much as I do? As with Amazon, when you order through that link, I get some appreciated pennies in my coffer, so I thank you!

Finally, a word about the new “Wedding Labels” ad ; it is actually part of a site called My Own Labels (you see the text below the ad) and it is for more than wedding labels, but none of their other banners fit my sidebar (see below) They also create CD Labels, Wine and Beer labels (for you folks who brew your own), and canning or craft labels – all sorts of labels! I never knew there were so many ways to label things! I love the site and enjoy exploring all they offer, including recipes and gift-packaging ideas. This is becoming my favorite site; I’ll likely be ordering some bookplates from them as a gift for someone. As with the monk coffee, heading over there through here makes the tin cup clink, clink, clink, and I thank you!

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