The press and Benedict

My piece comparing and contrasting the press’ dire predictions about Pope Benedict XVI with the reality of the man is up at Pajamas Media today.

As if making my point for me, Newsweek has two pieces on Benedict, both falling rather heavily “pro” Benedict and “con” Benedict – I think perhaps the press is past understanding that balance means “a little bit of both.” The first piece, by George Weigel, I recommend to you because although it glows for Benedict, it also gives you an excellent sense of how deeply this pope may effect our age. The second, by Lisa Miller is your basic predictable condescension about how Benedict does not “connect” with Catholics…except for all the ones who love him, especially the young, but since they’re probably living in the woods with Barack’s “bitter” gunslingers, they don’t matter, do they?

Funnily enough, Sissy Willis manages to look at Benedict and Barack. You’ll like!

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Lots of good stuff over at Pajamas Media, btw, there besides my poor effort. Bill Bradley has two piece ups, both on “Bittergate”, with the second looking at how Obama’s stunning elitism will be used against him, Mohammed Fadhil says the Iraqi government has a golden opportunity if they’ll take it, and Glenn and Helen are talking to Michael Yon.

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