Young men who don't like mustard

Quiet around here today because I was supervising a gang of college-age young men – Buster and pals – who were doing landscaping to earn some extra money. These bruisers were laying down 6 yards or so of mulch, getting at the “hard to reach” weeds and otherwise helping to prettify the place up – for a fee, of course, and all the juice, water, soda, watermelon and grub I could provide.

At one point I handed out a “bucket o’ samitches” – all different sorts of sandwiches on different sorts of rolls. The bucket came back mostly empty (one half of a roast beef samitch couldn’t find a taker) but Buster said, as day’s work came to a close, “next time, no mustard. None of us really like mustard.”

I rather dislike it myself, but I was surprised to hear that the manly men were mustard-sensitive.

Tomorrow, I guess it’s burgers on the grill. And blogging will continue lightish, but here are a few good ‘uns you might enjoy.

McCain: one day I like him, another I don’t. Today I do, I like him. If he puts Gov. Sarah Palin on the ticket I will like him more…so much more…Classical Values notes McCain’s scary temper.

Jeanette has a guest poster who knows a few things about oil and America and dares to tell it to you straight.

An AlQaeda mastermind questions the use of terror as a means of movement. That’s kind of like “winning hearts and minds” isn’t it? Doesn’t fit the narrative, though. Did you know the founding fathers also faced Islamists? News to me. Oh, and a list of what’s going well in Iraq. People in the press really do have some ‘splainin’ to do.

For your Obama Files The Gaffe-a-Day round up. If Bush did this on the campaign trail they’d have called him a moron and put “snipers wanted” graphics over his pictures on late-night talk shows. Oh, wait…they did. Well, it shouldn’t happen again. It wasn’t very nice the first time. I for one am mighty glad that it’s no longer acceptable “free speech” to joke about, ponder, wish for, merchandise or script-out and film fantasy assassinations, as it has been for the last few years. It was very ugly, and there is no place for it in our electoral or political theater. Some documentary maker should look back on all that, maybe.

I do have one question, though
. If Obama is so smart, and those people in the middle states, who are so bitter and clinging and stuff…how come they keep calling him on his history/geography gaffes?

Czech President Vaclav Klaus wants to debate Al Gore on Global Warming. Gore, of course, won’t. Klaus compares the global warmingists to communists in their ambitions and the scope of their reach:

Klaus, an economist, said he opposed the ‘climate alarmism’ perpetuated by environmentalism trying to impose their ideals, comparing it to the decades of communist rule he experienced growing up in Soviet-dominated Czechoslovakia.

‘Like their (communist) predecessors, they will be certain that they have the right to sacrifice man and his freedom to make their idea reality,’ he said.

‘In the past, it was in the name of the Marxists or of the proletariat – this time, in the name of the planet,’ he added.

Rachel Lucas on why sitting out the election or voting third party is dumb. Maybe she can convince you guys where I’ve failed!

Neoneocon on Obama, Chavez and “doublethink”.

Patrick O’ Hannigan on knowing the difference between a mensch and a putz.

Why does Michael Isikoff keep working for an outfit that likes to altogether spike his investigative stories or bury them, either way to protect a Democrat? I’m just asking.

Please, make it stop:
Please make the puppets-at-Holy Mass stop!

Ann Althouse does not like her Amazon Kindle, and for the same reasons I am reluctant to go eBook. A book is meant to be touched, and cracked open, smelled and touched some more. I don’t think I’d enjoy reading an eBook anymore than I enjoy reading online, which I actually hate, and if I am doing a great deal of it, I’m printing things.

Oh, and my piece on Ted Kennedy over at Inside Catholic is apparently getting a lot of attention, and yer girl is getting her head shoved into the proverbial toilet by some commenters. Again. Apparently for some readers, I do not sufficiently appreciate how holy and sacred human life is. Imagine that, and here I’d thought I understood it pretty well. Whatever. I hold no grudge. If you head over there, do look around, some really good and thought-provoking articles being featured.

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  • Fr. Steve Leake

    I am learning to like McCain. I would prefer to have someone else, but he is much better than either option! By the way… who doesn’t love mustard!? God bless! Padre Steve

  • TheAnchoress

    I dislike mustard and most condiments. If I can’t have a hotdog w/ just saurkraut, I’d rather have it plain. Mustard – let’s not be silly, now.

  • mizze

    For those interested in keeping up with energy news, I recommend The Oil Drum, which discusses ideas related to peak oil, sustainable development and growth, and the implications of these ideas on politics, economics, … In the upper right hand corner of the web site, there’s a quote box; you get a different quote every time you refresh the page. Here’s one I just pulled: “Data always beats theories. ‘Look at data three times and then come to a conclusion,’ versus ‘coming to a conclusion and searching for some data.’ The former will win every time.” —Matthew Simmons, ASPO-USA conference, Boston, MA, October 26, 2006

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Are we talking about yellow mustard, which every real American loves? Or that prissy Dijon stuff?

    Also, I guess we now know why Scott McClellan always did such a sh***y job as Bush’s press secretary.

    (You know, the election this year is getting to be quite destructive to the spirit of charity that is expected of me (and all of us), not to mention inner peace — I find myself resorting to profanity more and more to refer to political people and the whole political process. Next, I’ll probably be telling them all what they can go do to themselves.)

  • lsusportsfan

    I very much like Gov Palin. I would have no problem with ehr on the ticket .However she has pretty much the problem of Jindal. That is lack of experience. In fact a case could be made she has less experience

    I think McCain would take some heat from not having a Governor that at least served one full term. And some of those critcisms would be valid.

    I just get a sense both she and Jindal are rising stars that don’t need to be put out too quickly.

    It is like when you are a Pro Team and draft a hot stud QB out of the College Draft. You never put them in front of the fans the first year till they are tested in practice for a year(if possible) because if they fail due to learning curve the fans (in the political context the voters) will not be all forgiving. Even though the fans/voters were demanding that the Coaches pout them in because they will be ultimate “answer”.

  • TomG

    Definitely try horseradish mustard; otherwise put Mrs. Renfro’s Hot Salsa on … really anything. Instant gourmet! Cheers, Tom

  • Terrye

    One thing I have to say abut McCain: He is his own man. People will talk about whether he has to distance himself from Bush or whatever and I think to myself, Why would anyone thing this guy is a duplicate of anyone else.

    Besides I still like Bush and I think he has gotten a raw deal. And I think there are more people like me out here than most politicians and pollsters realize.

    As for Palin, I like her, but most people have no idea who she is.

  • ericthered

    I agree with those commenters who noted that Palin, like Jindal, is an excellent future conservative candidate. Let them both get some more executive experience under their belt. Besides, as she’s currently pregnant with her fifth child, being a governor is probably enough for her right now!
    Jewish AND Republican??

  • TheAnchoress

    Eric, Palin has delivered her child, a boy named Trig, who has Down Syndrome (which she and her husband knew about during the pregnancy). She is not as green as Jindal, she was a successful mayor as well and has a longer political career. I really want her at the bottom of McCain’s ticket.

  • Gayle J. Miller

    ericthered – believe it or not, there are more and more Jewish Republicans and many of them are conservatives! I used to work for one of those, who also happened to be an observant Jew – he told me that the Democratic Party had left him and when he looked around, he discovered that he was not only a Republican, he was a conservative one! I myself know at least 6 conservative Jewish Republicans, all of them in Columbus, Ohio. Come to think of it – they’re all LAWYERS too. Now that’s just plain odd.

    Re: yellow mustard: I only use it to coat a roast before putting it on my indoor barbecue (and only after mixing the yellow mustard – cheapest you can find – with ground up onion – puts a crust on the roast like you wouldn’t believe and keeps the meat really, really moist). But otherwise I find grainy mustard (not that prissy Dijon stuff) is wonderful. All that being said, I do NOT agree with those food snobs who consider it gauche to put ketchup on a hot dog. My cranky opinion is that if YOU like it, it’s appropriate! Since when are the food police lurking to arrest you for using the wrong stuff on or in your food!

    A: I don’t know if having a v.p. as beautiful as Sarah Palin would work for us or against us! I do, however, completely agree with Ms. Palin and her husband about the extraordinary gift a Downs child can be. We have a pair of twins in our family and they are, in my view, a gift of God.

  • ericthered

    TheAnchoress, Thanks for the informative update on Palin. I had no idea. Now that you’ve straightened me out, I’d love to see her on this or any future ticket. This is a figure with a lot of character. -ETR
    Jewish AND Republican?? Oy gevalt

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  • Barbara

    I agree with you on Palin’s appeal, agree strongly even. Unless you know more than you can reveal about her, I suggest prayer. Knowing you do a lot that anyway….Barbara

  • ericthered

    Gayle – Thanks for the report on Columbus. That’s very encouraging. Maybe they can rub off on my hopelessly left-leaning family! -ETR

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  • Dave Justus

    I got a Kindle a few weeks ago and just love it. It isn’t as good as reading a book, it is better. I suggest you find someone who has one and try it for about 20 minutes and see what it is like.

    Of course I like books for the content they provide, the medium itself (smell, feel, whatever else people like about boots) isn’t of particular interest to me. It is the words and ideas that matter.

  • TheAnchoress

    Dave, I know you’re not suggesting that I ONLY like books for the smell and feel, and not for the ideas…but you’ll forgive me if for a second that is how I took your meaning! :-)

  • gs

    For the better part of a year, I’ve had my eye on Palin as a potential future President. She was one of the very few good things (if not the only one) to happen to the GOP in November 2006.

    But there’s the rub. She’s less than halfway through her first gubernatorial term.

    The media are giving Obama a pass on his inexperienced gaffes, but they’d go to the other extreme with Palin.

    Nevertheless, I don’t necessarily rule her out.
    IMO John Engler also belongs on the Veep list.

  • Dave Justus


    No, I certainly didn’t intend that. For me the ‘bookishness’ of books doesn’t matter at all, for others it is nice but not essential, and for some it seems to be everything. I would guess you are in the second category, which may mean you would like a Kindle less then I do.

    However, you might find the other advantages of Kindle outweigh the loss of the other sense inputs that are connected to traditional books. Thats why I suggested getting someone to let you try one for 20 minutes or so. That is enough time to get fully used to the functions and see if it is a way you want to read or not.

    The only thing about the Kindle that I don’t like is that it is so easy and quick to buy books that I’m sure I’m going to blow my book budget. :)

    Since I got mine about 3 weeks about I have read about 15 books on it (some fairly short and quick, but a couple that are fairly weighty tomes.) Luckily, there are a lot of free books out there, either out of copywright works or books put out by their authors for free distribution, so I’ve been able to mix purchased books from Amazon with other things, keeping the budget just barely in control for now.

  • TheAnchoress

    Dave, I was teasing. I know my husband would really love it if I would go ebook because the books are kind of taking over the house.

    But…imagine a house without books tumbling all over…I don’t know if I could feel cozy there.

    One thing I would like, though, does the Kindle have a “search” feature? One of the griefs of reading, anymore, is that we do not come with a built in “search” feature. Sometimes, now, when I’m looking for a quote or something in a book, I get frustrated that I can’t hit CONTROL F and find it! :-)

  • Dave Justus

    Yes it does. It will search through everything in memory, with the book you are currently in displaying first, then you also have the option to search the Amazon store or Google it. It also lets you clip bits for quotes or add notes. I haven’t used any of that stuff too much, I’m not much of a note taker at the best of times and most of my reading is just for entertainment, but some people seem to like it. The keyboard isn’t the greatest, thumb typing like a phone, but it is serviceable, and if you just want to save quoted areas it is easy to transfer those to a regular computer.