Sorry so quiet

Hey, the virus I seemed to pick up on our short vaca, and which has been dropping all of us in turn, has proved itself a clinging little monster, so it’s quiet around here. Sorry about that. The good news is that – while I have not been able to record the audios I’d planned on (tomorrow is another day to try) the Online Retreat that I wrote about here will be going on as scheduled.

Elder Son, photo by PopPop

From sundown to sundown, August 10 through August 16, this site will be hosting an online retreat, and all are welcome, regardless of creed, ideology or whatever. There will be no politics discussed, except as relevant in a historical way, to discussion. Look forward to meditations, optional prayer on audio files, presentations on belief and disbelief, literary ideas, music and fine art.

What I am intending is a REAL retreat from which – as with any good retreat – you can take as little or as much as you wish. Whether you fully withdraw from the political for the week is something you’ll have to determine, insofar as your job, your inclinations and your life will allow.

So…check back in a few hours, when the retreat begins. A week of no politics and lots of room to muse, wonder, pray, relax and simply be quiet.

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