Shiney Eyes and Possibilities

Via our friend, Pianogirl…

Don’t dismiss this out of hand – just go watch it.

I know, I know, some of you say music is nothing to you…but – watch it – this isn’t really about music.

It’s about hoisting one buttock into the air, and conflict resolution, your children’s shining eyes and surviving Auschwitz, and it is remarkable. Go to, then click on Music & Passion with Benjamin Zander. (Or watch the embed, thanks to Pianogirl!)

You’ll like. Trust me.

Also, this is a great bit of fun – a “six song mash up” of poptunes; very impressive, via RicketyClick.

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  • Lily

    “Who am I being that my children’s eyes are not shining?”

    Very powerful stuff indeed. Thank you, Anchoress.

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  • Maggie45

    OMG, I’m just blown away. My eyes are VERY shiny!!

  • stix1972

    Great post

  • ViolaJ.

    How wonderful! I loved it when he said that the a successful life is not about being famous, rich, or wealthy, but about making other people’s eyes shine. What a wonderful message. (It makes me want to write a poem) Thank you for posting this!

    In regards to your blog, I think you should do whatever feels right to you. It is certainly within our right to change our minds often. What might seem right one day, may not seem the right thing the next day. All of us glean different values from your blog and it will be good on whatever direction you decide to go. Thanks for having done it as long as you have. You have been a Jewel~!

  • saveliberty

    How moving! Thank you for posting this and sharing it with us.

  • Grace note

    This was wonderful! Thanks so much!

  • Maura

    This is so lovely. . . Thank you! ‘Twas particularly a gift for me this very morning.

  • saveliberty

    Thank you once again! I loved the lecture by Benjamin Zander so well that I played it for Mom. She loved it too.

  • Jean

    I really loved the lecture, but I admit the “mash-up” made me laugh because it highlighted how many songs have a basic 5-note range. It’s inspired me to ask my bff what the pop song was that we “mashed” in high school – it made a great segue into chanting the “Our Father”!

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