Liveblogging the Palin Speech

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First remarks from the Obama team is weak – very weak – “Her speech was written for her.” Wow. THAT has never been true of any politician before! I think the Obama camp must be worried, so they’re doing what Democrats always do when they’re worried, they’re going after George W. Bush (Hypothetically)
Full Text of Speech here She hit a home run; she’s a star. The family on stage – incredible images. Pregnant daughter holding hands with her fiance. Piper talking to McCain, Sarah kissing Trig. You can’t beat that. Trouble. Sarah Palin is as good with a speech as Bill Clinton. Trouble. She’s not going home.

11:19 PM I think all of the attacks on the family will end now – they should – and the campaigns will (hopefully) get down to substantial issues. They’re going to be forced to, because Americans can see that there is no reason not to. The commenters keep bringing up that Palin did not write the speech…WHY is that a point? Everyone has speeches written for them; everyone has to “talk to reporters.” Now, I guess, the narrative will be “well, she can’t do that again!” Sigh. Non-substance will perhaps continue, after all.

11:10 AWESOME finish. Electric. The family came out – McCain came out. Cindy grabbing Rudy’s arm in excitement and joy. Judith Giuliani beams. “Don’t you think we made the right choice?” The crowd is wild! Tears! I say it again: Palin is not going anywhere. Mort Kondrake says “brilliantly delivered, incredibly sophisticated and effective.” Here we go. NOW the campaigns really start.

11:05 PM Remarks about McCain – very touching – “To the most powerful office on earth, he would bring the compassion that comes from having once been powerless … the wisdom that comes even to the captives, by the grace of God … the special confidence of those who have seen evil, and seen how evil is overcome.”

11:04 PM “American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of self-discovery…there is only one man in this election who has actually fought for you…in places where winning means survival and defeat means death…John McCain.” I was trying to imagine last night what it would be like to spend two years in solitary in a 4 x 6 room with a light that never goes out. I’d lose my mind.

11:02 PM: Sarah Palin is not going anywhere. She is not going home, Dems. She’s not going home, Sally Quinn. She is a powerful asset to John McCain. “A leader who is not looking for a fight but sure isn’t afraid of one, either.” She cites Harry Reid, “I can’t stand John McCain” and says, “we’re clearly behind the right man. [Reid] can’t stand UP to John McCain!”

10:58 PM: “Obama’s worried that someone won’t read [terrorists] their rights.” She might get in trouble with that. Opens the door to another accusation of a “chill wind” by Tim Robbins! Talks about how Obama wants to grow the government and raise tax burdens. She and McCain will “use careers to promote change.” Hits Obama’s “presidential seal.” Can we say, finally, that the fake presidential seal was Obama’s “Mission Accomplished?”

10:56: On Obama – “This is a man who has authored two autobiographies but never wrote a bit of legislation. Talks about war but never victory unless it’s about his own campaign.” Greek columns, she is killing. “What does he actually plan to accomplish after he’s done…healing the planet?” “VIctory in Iraq is within sight; he wants to forfeit.”

10:55 PM: “The fact that drilling will not solve every energy problem is no excuse to do nothing at all…” Palin is nearly as good at this as Bill Clinton.

10:56 PM: She should be Al Gore: “The people, not the powerful!” Now she’s talking about the pipeline. She talks about unfriendly foreign governments, Russia’s energy powerplay, Iraq, Venezuela. She is passionate that we need to take charge of our own energy resources. “Drill, baby, drill” again.

10:50 PM: “We put the gov’t of our state back on the side of our people.” “That ethics reform is that law…” Piper and Trig, again. Gorgeous images. “Nearly half a billion dollars in vetos.”

10:45 PM: Taking on the media. Maybe a little TOO ballsy. Don’t know if she should have done that. “I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion, but to serve this great country.” That’s going to resonate. The press has lower approval ratings than the congress or Bush.

10:43 PM: Singing the praises of the small towns, as Piper, adorably, licks her hand to fix Trig’s hair. “Let me explain to my opponents what the job of Mayor involved.” Very comfortable and enjoying herself. “I guess a small town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except you have actual responsibilities.” Brings up the “bitter clinging to religion and guns.” Ouch, ouch, ouch. “We prefer candidates who don’t talk to people one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco; John McCain is always the same.”

10:42 PM: She’s bringing up Harry S Truman – haberdasher; good for her. A “small town” guy.” “I grew up with those people…they love our country in good times and bad and they’re always proud of America.”

10:37 PM Trig waves! She’s talking family. She’s got balls and she’s going to respond to the ugliness. Beautiful family. Obama’s family is also very beautiful.

10:36 PM She is sounding pretty comfortable. And she knows how to use the camera and the teleprompter. The women on that floor are glowing. GLOWING. “As the mother of one of those troops, that’s the kind of leader.” She looks a bit moved as she introduces Track.

10:30 PM: Palin comes out with no pre-video. Crowd is insane. Love the Jackie Kennedyesque suit. Um. Crowd very enthusiastic. Very. Camille Paglia nailed it. No wonder the left hates her. She is charisma in glasses. She finally has to simply start talking. Crowd still insane.

10:30 PM My husband says, “damn, that’s an attractive family.” Not something he’d normally say.

10:29 PM “How dare they ask when she will have time for her family? When do they ever ask a man that question?” Yeah, they should have stopped asking that.

10:27 PM: “Palin has more executive experience than the Democratic ticket, combined.” They’re laughing. Rudy’s pretty passionate. “She’s got an 80% approval rating; she took on corruption in her own party. This is a woman who has no fear.” “Can you IMAGINE how McCain/Palin are going to shake up Washington!”

10:25 PM: “Advice to Obama; call John McCain.”

10:23 PM: McCain does not back down from unpopular ideas. “Most pols would have worked in their own self interest.” Catalogues Obama’s flips. It’s politics, don’t worry. “If I were Biden, I’d want to get that VP thing in writing.”

10:19 PM: On the surge. Dems are in denial about the threats facing the nation. “When you’re in denial you can’t face it. If you can’t face it you can’t defeat it.” Or something like that. “When they gave up on Iraq, they gave up on America.” Red meat. “In the single biggest policy decision of this election, McCain right, Obama wrong.”

10:17 PM “Drill, baby, drill” The crowd is alive, “You guys were ready to break out.” Can I suggest that “drill baby, drill” is an unfortunate slogan when the “sexiest governor” is close to coming out?

10:15 PM: “Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.” Ouch.

10:12 PM Rudy’s found his stride. He quotes Joe Biden: “No time for on-the-job training.” The 3 AM call: “And that’s the one time we agree with Hillary!” He’s getting the crowd all afire: “No doubt! The country will be safe in McCain’s hands!”

10:09 PM Ah, now NY Rudy comes on, “He couldn’t figure out whether to vote yes, or no. It was too tough! He voted ‘present.’ To be president takes more than being ‘present.’” I get it now, Rudy is going to mock. Ouch. Pols hate that. “he’s never run a city, never run a state, never run a military unit…” The problem is, neither has McCain. Or Biden. Actually…only Palin has done any of that. McCain DID run a squadron.

10:06 PM Rudy is sounding a beat off, not quite together. Like he hasn’t rehearsed this speech enough. Or, the teleprompter is not working at a speed he’s used to. (Laughing) “…a community organizer?”

10:05 PM: There is a “Sarah Palin Countdown Clock” in the lower right hand corner of the screen. This validates to me Tim Noah’s assertion that the press has created a moment. As Lorie Byrd said earlier – everyone is watching, and Palin has been so excoriated that expectations will have been affected.

10:02 PM Rudy Giuliani, gets a rousing welcome for his keynote speech. “I DO Support John McCain!”

9:52 PM Tim Noah: The angry liberal press has assured a Palin homer. I think we should not count chickens before hatchings. Let the woman speak – let her give her speech, before we decide about it.

9:37 PM When you get a chance, read Mickey Kaus’ thoughtful piece on the Model 3 Media.

9:33 PM: While we wait, Peggy Noonan is trying to climb out of a hole. You have to feel badly. She writes a moving and brilliant column and then an open mic and her own mouth cuts her off at the legs. It is curious, isn’t it, how often mics are left “open” on Republicans? Well…I guess it’s over. Do you buy her explanation?

9:24 PM More Joe Biden making Barack’s life difficult: Dog catchers okay for SCOTUS, but an Alaskan Gov is not okay for veep. Sigh. Poor Barack. What a loose cannon Biden is.

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  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Feel bad for Noonan, whom I once admired? Not likely. Not after the crap she has written about George W.

    As for the speech — I just hope that Sarah Palin had a big part in writing it, and that it wasn’t written by the disasters that write McCain’s speeches. Hell, just give her a couple of 3×5 note cards and she’ll do great, from what I’ve seen of her in pre-selection interviews on the TV.

    But in a few short days, the Dems and libs have succeeded in destroying forever one of their favorite weapons against conservatives and Republicans — the false claim that we are seeking to keep women down. After all this @#&* from Dems that Palin’s place is in the home and not in the office has forever branded them as the real sexist pigs that they are.

  • dmd25

    No, I don’t feel sorry for Peggy. I used to love to read her—until she started routinely and irrationally beating up on President Bush. I am really done with her—which makes me sad as she is such an eloquent writer.

    I heard Karl Rove tonight…he said that one of the speechwriters who has been working with Gov Palin is someone he likes a lot. The reports are that she has been very easy to work with, is intelligent, quick, etc.

    The MSM has to create almost unreachable goals for her speech–then they can inform us about how she didn’t live up to expectations.

  • kelleybee

    Gov. Palin is the real deal…..this is a great speech.

  • Hantchu

    Ach, Sarah Palin, what a rebbitzen you’d have made! But since that option’s not open, VP would be fine.

  • Piano Girl

    Buy stock in Depends, ’cause the dems are going to need a lot of them before we get to Nov. One of my dearest friends is a lib, and with the ugly stuff he’s been sending my way, they must really be worried by this woman.

  • joewxman

    She was at her best when talking about her family. You can tell she is really proud.

    I think she hit it out of the park tonight.

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  • Tota Tua

    OMGoodness – what an incredible job. Do believe that the gauntlet has been thrown down. She let it be known exactly how she is better than O & B. that is an incredible speech – is that what we get with M & P, at least 4 years of good speeches and well delivered at that!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Smart, engaging, funny, tough — WOW!

    You wanna mix it up with her? You wanna throw down your gloves and go at it? That chick is going to smash you into the boards and down to the ice and bloody you up!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Taking on the media. Maybe a little TOO ballsy. Don’t know if she should have done that.

    No, they need a hard elbow to the crotch, and she is good enough and tough enough to do it to get their attention to know not to mess with her, and still be likeable and engaging while doing it.

  • Joe Odegaard

    Palin hits it out of the park.

  • Matteo

    Well, my take is here.

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  • Revchuck

    I was cackling maniacally all through her speech. Boy, that must’ve hurt the Obama campaign…especially since the points she made about the Dem ticket are accurate. She did wonderfully well!

  • dmd25

    Excellent job! Can’t wait to hear what the MSM says. How funny that the O team’s first comment was that someone wrote it for her. Hysterical!

  • Piano Girl

    I heard that Gov. Palin had a hand in writing the speech. Also, the country singer (I can’t remember his name right now) said that his “Raisin’ McCain” song will be available as a free download on his website.

  • Peter

    She shoots, SHE SCORES!!! Leave it to a hockey mom to set things right. She’s already gotten under the skin of the other team. She’ll make them take some bad penalties.

    Speaking as a former zamboni driver, a big hockey fan, and a republican… I’m in heaven.

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