Abortion Survivor on Obama's Vote

The way I understand it, the Infants Born Alive Bill was introduced to the IL Senate and Obama voted against it because he wanted it to have the same language as the Federal Born Alive Bill. When the bill was re-presented containing that clause, Obama voted against it again. So, given the chance, twice, to vote against infanticide, Obama voted for.

He also lied about all of this earlier in the campaign, before admitting that he was lying.

Obama has the most liberal voting record you can have on the issue of abortion. He does not, like Joe Biden, draw the line at the savagery of partial-birth abortion – he sides with the scissor, the vacuum and the death. He does not draw the line (as Nancy Pelosi and even Hillary Clinton do) at infanticide. His votes say, “that baby was supposed to be dead; let it die.”

Sen. Barack Obama doesn’t seem comfortable, at all, straying from the side of death.

None of us is God, none of us has perfect wisdom…but for that reason alone, if you’re not “morally” sure about something, if you really think that theologically, scientifically and intellectually it’s all “above your pay grade,” then shouldn’t you err on the side of life? Not on the side of death?

It occurs to me that in this election – moreso than any election in recent memory, we have the “clear choice” that Moses also gave to the people:

I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live, by loving the Lord, your God, heeding his voice, and holding fast to him. (Deuteronomy 30:19-20a, New American Bible)

Ed Morrissey has
a great round-up of Obama stories on this issue, and video of this abortion survivor, Gianna Jessen, on Hannity & Colmes last night.

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  • dmd25

    It occurs to me that in this election – moreso than any election in recent memory, we have the “clear choice” that Moses also gave to the people: I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death,
    You are so right, Anchoress. I really don’t need to know anything else…this is enough of an issue…

  • tim maguire

    He says, “that baby was supposed to be dead; let it die.”

    Is that really a quote? He said that?!?

    Ultimately, I don’t think it matters what Obama says, it’s all politically calculated. He doesn’t have enough real courage to have principals.

    [no, no, no, he didn't say that. I better fix that to be more clear! - admin]

  • robin in alabama

    I choose Life!

  • pbuchta

    There are more despicable issues that need to be addressed this time around. What about greed and coveting thy neighbor’s goods? Or ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’ Killing innocent people, which is going on in Iraq. I guess those commandments don’t figure into the GOP side of things. They just get overlooked somehow. Sort of like the magician showing you one hand and doing all of the dirty work with the other. The GOP never fessed up that Iraq was a mistake. All those people dead. And all of our soldiers who didn’t have to die. The wounded are another issue. There are more disabled vets from the Iraq war then there were in the Air Force in WWII. Something to think about there.

    All you folks keep insisting that abortion is the issue, which by the way, it isn’t. The fact is if Roe vs. Wade gets overturned, the power of choice will go to the state level. There will not be any legal rights given to the unborn. The only way to truly protect them is through proper sex education, guidance, which is evidently lacking… What a bunch of hooey!! If someone says that they choose life, they should be mad as all H E double hockey sticks, as to what went down in Iraq. Why haven’t you all stood up in arms about that???

    [Whenever the opposition is backed against the wall, they change the subject: "there's a lot other issues we should be talking about". Well, yes, there are. There are many, many issues, and on each one of them we should be able to see, accurately, where a candidate stands. Whether going into Iraq was a mistake or not comes down to opinion, not fact. Your opinion may disagree with mine. But these votes by Obama are factual. There are more disabled Vets from the Iraq war than in WWII because we have much better abilities to save an injured vet. Something to think about, eh? Also we've had "proper sex education and guidance" and free condom distribution for decades, now. Are you saying those things do not work? As to "what went down in Iraq" please, see my archives, I'm not going to write yet again all the legitimate reasons we ALL thought we had for going in there, or the good that's been done there, even if WMD were not found. Our volunteer forces have performed heroically and magnificently in Iraq. I'm glad you're noticing! -admin]

  • Gina

    We saw the interview with Gianna Jessen on Hannity and Colmes and I hope she is out campaigning the daylights out of her charming self this next 7 weeks. If there is any justice, her story alone will swing enough voters to beat Obama. It would be just accountability for his cowardice on the issue.

    While reading up on Jessen, I came across the very sad (but ultimately hopeful) story of the Oldenburg Baby, and an article about a UK government study that estimates 50 babies a year in the UK survive abortions. One little tike survived three abortion attempts! His mother decided to keep him. Why she should be allowed to keep him rather than be charged with child abuse is a mystery to me.

  • pbuchta

    Arguing about the reasons why we went into Iraq doesn’t make the Iraq war right, or justify it. It’s just plain wrong. But no one in the current administration did the right thing for the first 5 years, which was to admit that the reasons why we went to Iraq were wrong and to make amends.

    Disabled Vets. Yet, disabled vet benefits continue to elude many soldiers. I know the procedure. Rulings on applications can take months or years to process. Waiting for Doctor’s diagnosis, then losing records, and having to start all over again. Maybe you remember the incident at Walter Reed a short time ago? I was appalled by the current administration’s lack of oversight. Glad to see that a new GI bill was finally approved by the Democratic Congress. That’s with a ‘D’ after being stalled for so long.(Sen. Jim Webb, D.Va. chief sponsor.)

    Also, Jesse Ventura said that his daughters received thorough sex education in conception and birth control and says that they are headed on the right track with their educations and careers unhindered by unwanted pregnancy which, in most instances lead to very bad unwanted outcomes. So take your pick with the lipstick. Whichever way you go, it’s just plain wrong.

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