The Bailout: Three words (w/podcast)

Prayer. And. Fasting.

I’m not kidding, either. After watching the incompetence, lies, malice, spitefulness, bad faith and corrupt, self-serving buffoonism of the whole lot of them in Washington, I am horrified by what we have seen. We’re in big, big trouble, and I’m not even talking about the bailout. I trust absolutely nothing coming out of Washington this day. And I bet you don’t, either.

Clearly, this fellow does not:

…the failure is deliberate. Don’t laugh. This method not only has its proponents, it has a name: the Cloward-Piven Strategy. It describes their agenda, tactics, and long-term strategy.

Look here at the wide-smiling, execrable liar Harry Reid. It takes everything I’ve everything I’ve ever been taught about loving my neighbor, not to want to get into a car, drive to DC and smack that smile off his face.

breathtaking chutzpah. Really, none of them should want to claim credit.

Doug Ross has names and faces of the corrupt.

Here is Morning Prayer for today. You’ll be interested in hearing the psalms and prayers and how well they seem to suit the day…“it is better to put your trust in the Lord, than to trust in man; it is better to put your trust in the Lord, than to trust in princes…” and that’s just to start.

I recorded this in the wee small hours of the morning and made a mistake with the antiphon to the canticle of Zechariah. If you’re following along with the Christian Prayer Breviary, we begin on page 780 and pick up the closing prayer from page 632.

For those so inclined, you can pray the hour before a live feed of the Blessed Sacrament here.

It was interesting to see that this week’s flowers were donated “For the intentions of Pope Benedict and President Bush.” Whoever made that donation could not have known where we would be this weekend, or that the intention would be so apt. Funny how things work out.

I’ll post Vespers in the late afternoon.

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  • HNAV

    It is very concerning.

    I have not been surprised by the Folly.

    Not only in Washington, but in a number of sources, who seem eager to deny the danger in Our Free Market, following the fashions of some, like the poll driven NEWT GINGRICH.

    Even one of my favorite Bloggers on the Republican lean, has suggested that GW Bush is only acting in some manner to protect his Legacy.

    This was simply disgusting, as this President has only Led repeatedly with his beliefs about what is best for Our Nation.

    A famed RADIO Personality, behind a golden thing, suggested that Mr. Paulson probably has some ‘personal interest’ in all this…

    Irresponsible conjecture is rabid all over the place, with those who fail to lead.

    Reminds one of the vapid Dubai Port’s fiasco, where many wailed about “selling one’s sovereignty” garbage.

    I watched many undermine the fine, (not perfect), Bush Administration after 2004, and often they unwittingly debased their own interests and the Nation’s Health as well.

    The Democrat Party is entirely irresponsible, unethical, and simply not too savvy. Pelosi is the same old vapid Partisan as usual, with Frank and others, exploiting their vivid failure, as if it is another Liberal Partisan spending spree, clearly failing to grasp the gravity of their own negligence (or simply revealing again the utter lack of conscience).

    The mighty GP has some very interesting posts…
    ‘Speaker Pelosi Blasts “Unpatriotic” Republicans For Skipping Meeting… A Meeting Dems Did Not Invite Them To!! (Video)’

    Perhaps this is most concerning, or revealing…
    “The financial crisis is real. Most people don’t realize it yet, but banks, investment managers and corporate treasurers around the world all know what is going on. It started with the Freddie – Fannie collapse. They wrote loans to individuals who they shouldn’t have. Government policies encouraged loans to minorities and the underwriting function of banks was no longer approving loans upon an individual’s creditworthiness but their race was now a factor in the loan decision. In 1997 President Clinton’s HUD secretary, Andrew Cuomo, claimed Fannie Mae had exhibited “racial discrimination” and proposed that 50 percent of the GSEs’ (Fannie and Freddie) loan portfolio be made up of loans to low- and moderate-income borrowers by 2001. When individuals are given loans based on race and not their ability to pay, it is inevitable that bad loans would be written and foreclosures would come. That’s what happened and in a big way.”

    ‘Wash Mu Bondholders Were Not Paid– Consequences Could Be Devastating… Warnings of Monday Crash’

    First, it reveals we are dealing with another Democrat Failure, which began horribly going wrong, during the malfeasant Clinton Era. The unethical Clinton Experience is a sincere American Tragedy. The Clintons not only gave mindless loan guarantees to Enron, lied about the genocide in Rwanda, ignored – enabled the threats of Radical Islamic Terrorism after the first attack on the WTC in 1993, peddled pardons to the corrupt ‘RICH’, overtly taxed the USA into a Recession in 2000, the Clintonites also planted the seeds for this current economic crisis.

    Second, the post hints at the growing danger of inaction…

    Third, reminds one of how concerning it is, that John McCain said he would prefer ANDREW CUOMO as his SEC CHAIR.

    Fourth, etc, etc…

    But, perhaps this is time for everyone lost in this vapid Partisan addiction, those too irresponsible to bother to pay attention, and the unethical exploiters who use Public Service to further themselves, to learn a few painful lessons. As ugly as a coming Recession-Depression might be, with most Americans having no conception of really hard economic times, maybe the dose of reality is a necessary evil.

    After all the unethical demeaning, slander, vilification of so many since 2000 for ugly political – personal gain, maybe a few hard lessons are coming Our way.

    Hopefully, those who doubted this President once again, will not be proven wrong once again.

  • Brett_McS

    I heard that Harry Reid had tried to attach an amendment blocking shale oil to this bailout bill, and I thought “Wait a minute. These people *do* know that expectation of future supply will reduce the price now. And vice versa. They have only been pretending to believe that ‘exploring now will take 10 years to have an impact on the price’. They want to keep the price high, at least while GB is President.”

  • dmd25

    The Bailout: Three words
    Prayer. And. Fasting.

    Good words this morning, Anchoress. As I was exercising this morning and thinking about the state of the country, I was reminded, by the Spirit, that our source is not the government, the lawmakers, the president, etc, our source is God. Whatever crazy decisions they make can make our lives more difficult, can make us mad, can irritate us immensely—-but our lives are in God’s hands, not theirs. (That does not, of course, mean that we sit back and let things just happen–we do our duty!)

  • Aitch748

    It needs to be said — and remembered: The leftists in the Democratic Party and the media really are out to wreck the country. This current crisis absolutely is their baby and they absolutely own it completely.

  • irascibleChef

    This will probably make your day! Obama: McCain Gets No Credit for Wall Street Bailout



    [Edited to admit link - please try to do this yourself, as I have asked repeatedly. The long unlinked urls mess up my whole page. Thanks - admin]

  • fporretto

    Cloward and Piven’s 1971 book Regulating the Poor had as its central thesis that the New Deal and its sequelae were social control measures, employing government benefits and the associated regulatory controls to create a large class dependent upon the State and therefore capable of being harnessed to an agenda of “state capitalism” (Milton Friedman’s phrase) the working class would otherwise abhor. The strategy was aimed, in Cloward and Piven’s argument, at the creation of a loose cartel of a few dozen gigantic corporations that would control the entire economy. By regulating that small group of companies, Washington could guarantee it against competition while simultaneously getting effective control over the sustenance of the entire nation.

    This is the thesis of a pair of Marxist sociologists, and as such, I’m inclined to be skeptical of it. But it cannot be denied that the New Deal and Great Society creation of dozens of welfare programs created a huge dependent stratum, its mobility reduced by its dependence on the State, in American society. It’s impossible to be certain whether there was a covert control agenda beneath those programs, but the contemporanous correlation with other programs that were aimed at social and economic control, such as the fascistic National Recovery Administration during FDR’s time and the Johnson Administration’s expansion of anti-free-market regulatory policy, does give one pause for thought.

    The dynamic of state redistribution is undoubtedly toward ever greater control of the economy and mobility of the nation. The best of intentions, the purest of motives, cannot change the dynamic, because of the action it evokes from special interest groups and the desire of politicians for ever more power and prestige. Therefore, as a general rule, when a politician proposes to “give” me something, I put one hand on my wallet and the other on my gun. It’s always a Devil’s Bargain, even when the benefit appears to have no strings attached…even when 100% of it seems to come from someone else’s pocket.

  • Fr. Steve Leake

    I must say that I agree with you about prayer and fasting. I am really not convinced that this “deal” is going to do anything and may actually hurt us in the long run. I also agree that Sen. Reid needs to lose the smile. I do not trust him at all. Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit guides us through this mess!

  • Hantchu

    Good advice. We always say that Psalms and tea are always good-but only if they’re served warm.

  • pbuchta

    Hey HNAV.

    “First, it reveals we are dealing with another Democrat Failure, which began horribly going wrong, during the malfeasant Clinton Era. The unethical Clinton Experience is a sincere American Tragedy.”

    I think that your thinking is a train wreck in the making.

    let’s blame events that happened with just the Democrats 8 to 10 years ago, and make sure not to blame any Republicans. Boy that’s is the biggest crock of hooey that I’ve ever heard.

    Hey wake up! The Republicans have had a President and majority in the house and senate the last 6 of the 8 last years.

    If you want to blame someone, look at yourselves in the mirror.

  • snotly

    Go now and give everything you own to the poor.

    [Soon some of us may be among them! :-) -admin]

  • gs

    The sentiment does you credit, Anchoress, but as an agnostic/skeptic I prefer Glenn Reynolds’ three words.

    Tar. And. Feathers.

    (You may wish the same on me if the hyperlink doesn’t work! Contingent apologies. It’s the longest I’ve ever created here.)

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  • pbuchta

    To respond to comment #12.

    Guilty by reason of projective association is not logical. Saul Alinsky can be attributed to the formation of unions and community groups. Calling him ‘leftist’ is like saying that all of the members of the unions in this country are communists. He lived in challenging times where a person would be thrown in jail for even thinking ‘union’.

    Would you consider the current bailout package that the President will approve to be socialistic, dare I say communistic? By projective association many would believe so, but that is not logically the case. By any standard projection of one’s rationale we tend to project to the extreme sometimes. Without sounding too philosophical, moderation in everyday life has always proven to be the key. I would rather go with a moderate thinker, as opposed to a person who acts compulsively, with just his gut feeling.

  • ABracker

    Demonic Disorientation, indeed!

    Prayer and fasting is the only hope. Lately, as this election and economic crisis has been unfolding, I keep hearing the Lord say: “Take heart! I have overcome the world.” Certainly, we are in a time where everything that can be shaken is being shaken. Where it will lead, I don’t know, but I do think the Lord is teaching the Body of Christ to cling to him instead of our earthly gods.

    Here in the US, we’ve been able to feel secure with our bank accounts, our military and our freedom. Right now, I can see for he first time how very, very quickly those confidences could be taken away. Imagine if this Wallstreet thing had happened with a President Obama and a Democratic Congress! We could be looking at socialism with one stroke of the pen. Plus, Obama’s leftist roots and thuggish tactics don’t bode well for the freedom we often take for granted. And yet, I know that even if he comes to power, the Lord can still use it for good if we will trust Him.

    Whatever happens in the upcoming days, I feel the End is beginning to come upon us, and that we must MUST learn to cling to God instead of the world if we are to survive and to shine His light in the midst of disorienting darkness. I am hoping that a Divine urgency will come upon us (not an unholy fear) to humble ourselves before God and allow Him to prepare us for what lies ahead. I am praying that we may avoid the worst of this current disaster, that we may have more time to repent, but either way, He is the only answer here.

    As for me, I am crying out to God that He will have His way in this election, and that the enemy’s strategies will be thwarted and cast down. I am praying that God will guard this election from fraud and give favor to Truth over lies. I pray that He will strengthen and protect those who stand for Righteousness and deliver us from the spirit of fear and deception that has been unleashed against us. May He Bless Us and Keep Us.

  • Gayle Miller

    Saul Alinsky was an open and avowed communist, as are both Ayers and Senator Obama’s other good friend Mr. Harris. ACORN, one of Senator Obama’s long time associations is being prosecuted in a number of states for their flagrant commission of voter fraud. And yes, I DO believe in guilt by association – especially when the associations are this open and visible. Clearly Senator Obama is of the opinion that his followers will be too dazzled by his charm and rhetoric to see the ugly rot beneath. Apparently in your case he was quite correct.

    Barack Hussein Obama would be an absolute disaster for this country and would, in a very real sense, destroy everything this country is meant to be. Already his goons are trying to shut down free speech in Illinois, in Kansas, in Missouri (documented) and heaven only knows where else.

    Trust me, anyone who has the hubris to say “We are the one we’ve been waiting for” has a lot of ego and not much else to offer, which is an accurate description of Senator Obama, the most empty suit on planet Earth.

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  • Jean Balconi

    I, too, believe in judging a person on the company they keep and the philosophies to which they are attracted. As Christians, we were warned: As a man thinketh, so he is.

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