The Bailout: Three words (w/podcast)

Prayer. And. Fasting.

I’m not kidding, either. After watching the incompetence, lies, malice, spitefulness, bad faith and corrupt, self-serving buffoonism of the whole lot of them in Washington, I am horrified by what we have seen. We’re in big, big trouble, and I’m not even talking about the bailout. I trust absolutely nothing coming out of Washington this day. And I bet you don’t, either.

Clearly, this fellow does not:

…the failure is deliberate. Don’t laugh. This method not only has its proponents, it has a name: the Cloward-Piven Strategy. It describes their agenda, tactics, and long-term strategy.

Look here at the wide-smiling, execrable liar Harry Reid. It takes everything I’ve everything I’ve ever been taught about loving my neighbor, not to want to get into a car, drive to DC and smack that smile off his face.

breathtaking chutzpah. Really, none of them should want to claim credit.

Doug Ross has names and faces of the corrupt.

Here is Morning Prayer for today. You’ll be interested in hearing the psalms and prayers and how well they seem to suit the day…“it is better to put your trust in the Lord, than to trust in man; it is better to put your trust in the Lord, than to trust in princes…” and that’s just to start.

I recorded this in the wee small hours of the morning and made a mistake with the antiphon to the canticle of Zechariah. If you’re following along with the Christian Prayer Breviary, we begin on page 780 and pick up the closing prayer from page 632.

For those so inclined, you can pray the hour before a live feed of the Blessed Sacrament here.

It was interesting to see that this week’s flowers were donated “For the intentions of Pope Benedict and President Bush.” Whoever made that donation could not have known where we would be this weekend, or that the intention would be so apt. Funny how things work out.

I’ll post Vespers in the late afternoon.

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