Biebls' Ave Maria

Wonderfully controlled performance by 8 young men from Goshen College who call themselves “Farther Along.” Their harmonies are exceptionally good. Their crescendos are – mmmwhaa – magnifique and goose-bump raising! Enjoy.

And Palestrina’s Adoramus Te Christe

That’s what I’m talkin’ about. H/T Reader Renee P.

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  • Aunty Franny

    Unreal. Truly brought me to the other, better world for a few minutes.
    May God send us more beauty loving kids like these.

  • scaron


    Fr. Blaze says: “Unison, fourth, fifth! All the rest is merde!

    Next time I hear a pagan interval I’m writing to the Pope!”

    I love that clip. I still laugh every time I see it or think about it.

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