A Military Family in need of prayers

Folks, I cannot go into a lot of detail, but a military family and good friend to this blog has written an email they never wanted to write – because of the inability to give details I can share only this:

“[he] has been wounded very badly. The doctors have said I need to be prepared to lose him. If there’s a positive, they said most other men would have died because of the severity of wounds. At present, he’s under heavy sedation.”

The wife of this serviceman – who is a formidable and talented woman of some skill and education – has been with him in hospital for a short time; she is understandably distraught. Those children who can be there, are.

Over the past few years I have had cheerful emails from him – always upbeat, even when things were looking their worst, and completely committed to the mission of eradicating terrorism as a means of movement. This man – educated, intelligent and kind – has spent his whole life in service to his country, because he has a heart of gratitude that could only be rightly expressed through service. When he left for his latest mission, he wrote a teasing email to wish me well (!) and to ask for prayers:

There’s some concern among ourselves about the direction the entire war on terror will be going with a new president. Whoever that may be, (R) or (D), is immaterial. We can see our support ebbing away, questioning whether we, in the military, can do the job that’s been given to us. Trust us, we can do it if we’re given the time and resources. Nonetheless, we have good morale, good optimism – especially among the group of men I’m proud to be part of.

I recall when he was deployed, his wife writing to tell me that this time she was unusually weepy and concerned. A few months ago she wrote to me asking for the inclusion of one of his group into my prayerbook, and sadly, that serviceman did not make it. Possibly more remarkable than our military men and women are their families, who wake up every day knowing that all they can do is trust and pray and trust some more.

I cannot tell you his name – but if you could storm heaven for “Beloved and his family” at this time – for miracles if God wills them, for peace and consolation if not. The need is great. Please keep these people “in your pockets,” so to speak. Perhaps offer something up for their behalf, keeping this in mind: Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I am filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his body, which is the church…(Colossians 1:24)

Thank you – I’ll keep you apprised as I learn things. Deacon Greg has more

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  • dellbabe68

    You got it, Anchoress.

    I’m a volunteer for Soldiers’ Angels, and if there is anything we can do, please let me know. I can put you in touch with someone who can get people there pronto who can offer help, money, food. Please stay in touch about this.
    God Bless that family. They will remain in my prayers.

  • Acer Palmatum

    I am very sorry.

  • Maggie45

    May God hold this family in HIs loving arms. We owe so much to them. Thank you for letting us know. I will pass this on,

  • Hantchu

    May G-d grant his physicians and caretakers wisdom, insight, and skill. May G-d fortify this good man’s natural strength and vitality. May G-d wrap his loved ones in a cocoon of security and a blanket of love and strength. May He send His special protection to this soldier and to all the other brave and self-sacrificing men and women who stay awake nights protecting us that we may sleep peacefully and live quiet lives.

  • JuliB

    Could you post a first name? That helps in my prayers.

    [I am waiting for permission to give his first name. Understandably, his wife is not hanging at the keyboard, just now, but I'm hoping she'll get back to me this evening. -admin]

  • exhelodrvr

    Will definitely include him/them in our prayers. Is it possible to get the branch of service?

  • Aunty Franny

    One could do online adoration for him at http://www.savior.org

    St. Michael and St. Joseph defend his spirit in this world and if he transitions to the next.

    Thanks for posting this for us, Anchoress.

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  • Maura

    Joining in with prayers for Beloved & Family.

  • Myssi

    You got it, A. I come from a long line of military service. I know that the Tree of Liberty must from time to time be watered by blood. I pray that the blood already given will be all that is required from Beloved and his family.
    God bless them and all around them…and you too, in your
    grief over this friend.

  • http://mutnodjmetsmusings.blogspot.com/ Mutnodjmet

    Prayers are being said now. I am so very sorry.

  • Gayle Miller

    I’ve linked to this at my site as well. God bless Beloved and his loving family in every possible way!

  • http://irasciblechef.com irascibleChef

    My prayers have been and will continued to be sent…


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  • Nancy

    Fro the Grotto at Notre Dame (pray@nd.edu)

    Please know that we will keep this wounded soldier and his family in our prayers at the Grotto.

    May Our Lord surround him with His healing touch and grant him a full recovery. May his family feel the comfort of God’s loving arms and may all those that fight for our freedom be kept out of harms way.

    God bless you for your concern and support.

  • http://notsothoreau.com terip

    I will definitely be praying. What I learned from my time in the ICU is to celebrate small victories. Even if your loved one doesn’t make it (as mine didn’t), you still have spent your time envisioning the best possible outcome.

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  • http://www.justgrits.wordpress.com Obis_Sister

    I added him & his family to my on-line prayer list. Not sure why it didn’t ping back. Technology!

    Is Buster mended and climbing mountains again?

    [Thank you. Its possible the pingback got dumped when I screwed up my spam filter? Buster is doing better, thanks for asking. He's working hard and trying to eat right (I sent him apples and soup!) admin]

  • Piano Girl

    Prayers for this precious person, his wife, children, an all who love him. And prayers for you, too, dear Anchoress, for the work you do, that God will be by your side and in your life because you bring so much to so many.

    Glad for the update on Buster.

  • Iceworm

    He and his family are also on my prayer list. I say “my list”, but God is keeping it for me else I would never get through it.

    Tell your friend that there is more support for her husband than might be apparent. I too come from a military family and served myself for several years. I know firsthand how important the public’s steadfast support is. They have mine, unqualified and all the time. Many of my non-military friends feel the same.

    It seems that the righteous are suffering even more than usual right now. That means that their reward will be all the greater, even though it seem long delayed.

  • http://web.mac.com/writecoast/iWeb/Site/Blog/Blog.html PeggyMcGilligan

    On it.

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