2008 Weblog Awards

Hey! I’m way behind on this! Seems way back on November 3, the 2008 Weblog Awards began their nominating process!

This is always a fun time – a great opportunity to discover new blogs that might otherwise slip under the radar, and it’s always fun to engage in good-natured rivalry with other nominated blogs. Julie at Happy Catholic, one of my all-time favorite blogs, seems to have reminded Deacon Greg about the awards, but Deacon Greg – that scoundrel! – did not remind me. So, now, it’s on!

Like I said, it’s good-natured and not-terribly serious competition (although I do like having my little “nominee” buttons showing down the right-side column; they’re pretty).

Nominations are still being accepted in a whole bunch of categories, but I’m not sure for how long; then, according to Kevin Aylward – who puts this together every year, and does a great job – voting for selected nominees will begin in early December. So, go over there and nominate your favorite blogs, even if that’s not me! Things are so dreary, lately, let’s have some chuckles!

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