A Better Podcast

So, I opened my email today and found a very nice note from a fella who is about to put me out of the Liturgy-of-the-Hours podcasting business, because while I’m doing pretend podcasts using my Rosetta Stone mic, he’s put together a very impressive site full of professional-sounding podcasts of Morning Pprayer, the Office of Readings, Vespers, etc, etc – with full hymns, and a true “community” feel with men and women reciting the office dexter/sinister as it should be done.

Not a lot of chanting, but you can’t have everything!

Anyway, particularly in Advent you might want to check this out. Here is Morning Prayer and the Office of Readings, much more solemn, controlled and reverent than my stuff; they even have a bell they ring to signal Holy Silence, which is very cool. I thought about doing that but all I have over here is a gong from Epcot.

My Li’l Bro Thom says I should continue to do my podcasts but ad a 2-3 minute homilette ala Anchoress. We’ll see. Meanwhile, let me know if anyone wants Vespers later, because if you don’t I won’t be all insulted about it.

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