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While the President-elect enjoys the links in Hawaii, Glenn Reynolds hears from readers about reduced crowds at resorts. Can you imagine the conniptions the press would have having if McCain had won and took the exact same vacation Obama is currently taking while "people are freezing to death and Americans are stuck at home…"

I mean, I'm just sayin'.

Meanwhile, the pope's excellent address to the Roman Curia got scammed by Reuters, who played with the Holy Father's words and meaning.  The incorrect interpretation seems, as some bloggers have noted, intent on sowing discord just before Christmas, and of course, it gave a sounding board to those seeking attention. Unsurprisingly, the NY Times also completely misses the point. They hear want they want to hear and disregard the rest.

Not everyone fails to appreciate il Papa, though.

On better Christmas notes, Chathouse Cat has put together a carnival of Christmas  that is quite extensive.

This week's Catholic Carnival is also a Christmas-themed grabbag of Catholic writing on the 'net.

A small but positive item for which to give thanks.

Ann Althouse has a terrific piece up on Christmas and the non-religious.  Tolerance.  What a concept!

Rasmussen has a poll out reporting that 61% say the world would be better if more people acted like Christians. I haven’t read the poll yet, was it mostly Christians responding?

Need a little awesomeness in your life?  

If you're still not dropping your jaw in wonder, this story will do it for you.  It always does it for me!

Christmas returns to Bethlehem

My piece at Pajamas Media – it’s on how the Christmas narrative provides hope in hard times. I hope you’ll go read it, despite the awful title, which I did not create.

American Troops doing Christmas for Iraqi kids. God bless our troops. More here

Also, do read Happy Catholic on forgiveness and grace and follow her links. You’ll be glad you did.

More…Christmas Carols we could do without. I so agree. I say all radios should ban that Wham! song and replace it with The Roches singing We Three Kings, which is unique and masterful!

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  • s1c

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may the coming new year provide you with all of your hearts desires.

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  • GM Roper

    Merry Christmas Anchoress, God bless all that you do in spreading his word.


    I hope you had a restful and blessed Christmas, dear Anchoress.

    I need to say that I am troubled at your reaction to the Obamas’ family holiday in Hawaii. No one can help it if the place they call “home” happens to be beautiful or seems glamorous.

    Playing golf on a public golf course doesn’t seem to me to be a “fat cat” sin.

    I grew up in Switzerland and whenever I go “home” people always ooh and aah. But it’s just home to me. I can’t help it that other people associate Switzerland with rich people skiing at St. Moritz.

    Doesn’t everyone have a right to go home for a holiday without being blamed or made to feel guilty about the location?

    [Hi Gabby; please read me again. I did NOT criticize Obama for playing golf. I said he was "enjoying the links" - that's all. I think everyone is entitled to vacation and if you can do it in a 9 million dollar mansion more power to you. All I did was note - because you and I both know it's true - that if McCain were president-elect, doing exactly the same thing, the wags and nags would be shaking their fingers saying, 'how dare he when the economy is tumbling and people are losing jobs and people are freezing; it shows he is insensitive! It shows he is disconnected!" Of COURSE they would say all that. My point wasn't that Obama should not vacate, but that the press should be as understanding when ANYONE does. They're not. And neither are the nags or pundits! - admin]

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