A 2008 Round Up

H/T to Pianogirl:

And if you haven’t yet read these, don’t miss them:

Dave Barry’s always brilliant and gut-busting Year in Review. He does it again!

NRO’s The Cornermakes predictions

A Russian Professor: Gets in on the act; sez America will die

Beowulf: Sitting Next to
a 16-Year-Old Kid, Watches Frasier on a Transcontinental Flight
. Really. H/T

A Day to Remember two American heroes.

Bush was Right?: Maybe Gitmo isn’t so bad…

Bizzy Blog sez to VF: Oh yeah?

No predictions this year. You tell me yours!

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  • culperjr.

    Predictions for 2009? Here goes–

    Someone will make an ass of himself or herself at the Inauguration, probably Cindy Sheehan. The media will no longer find her interesting enough to comment on and the incident will go almost completely unnoticed.

    The economic dominoes will continue to topple globally, bringing the spectre of Depression closer. The media will fix the blame on the last three Republicans in Congress.

    Gay marriage will become a fait accompli by judicial decree. Conservative pundits alluding to a “slippery slope” will be tut-tutted into silence. The Episcopal Church will roll out the welcome wagon to every GLBTQ couple on earth within hours. Church membership will drop by another 100,000.

    The first lawsuits demanding recognition of polygamous/polyamorous marriage will be filed the next day. Conservative pundits alluding to a “slippery slope” will be tut-tutted into silence.

    My first grandchild will be born. My wife will literally float to Heaven on a cloud of joy, leaving me to change the diapers.

    Aside from that, I have no strong opinions.

    Happy New Year regardless!

  • chuck

    My First prediction: Israel will defeat Hamas. Soon thereafter Hezbolla will attack.

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  • Piano Girl

    I’m not doing any grand resolutions for 2009, but I will try to (1) get a better handle on finances, (2) get more clutter out of this house, and (3) take better care of myself. If I can accomplish that, I will be delighted. Oh, and practice the piano on a regular basis. I’m horribly lazy with music if I’m not in a panic mode, which happens because I’ve been horribly lazy!!! LOL

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  • Piano Girl

    # 5 said…”Media now jumping on the Gitmo not so bad train…”

    I have a feeling some Karma is going to be run over by that soul train moving down the tracks from the Windy City. In fact, Hussein-Obama could copy exactly the past 8 years of the Bush Administration, and the alphabets would find it a glorious enlightening over what Dubya had done. I’m getting ready to cancel my subscription to the Wash. ComPOST (except for Sundays and all the ads) because I just don’t read it anymore and I’m tired of paying for it. If I want any “news”, I’ll have to listen to Fox or read some of my favorite blogs for the next four years.

  • http://jmbalconi.stblogs.com Jean Balconi

    My predictions are related to our state economy, mostly. But I’ll share one that I think will come true not just in Michigan:

    I predict that liberals who revel in the decline of big businesses will be shocked and dismayed to discover how much of their local arts, education, and recreation programs were underwritten by those big businesses.

    Related to Piano Girl’s post, I predict that local newspapers will survive while big media declines. Today my local daily, The Port Huron Times Herald, published a front-page letter to the readers. The publisher explained that due to lower ad revenue, the paper would be cutting back the TV listings and using less paper/ink. I’m hoping it can survive; its a fairly conservative paper and attentive to its readers.

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  • http://thecatholiclibertarian.blogspot.com amcalabrese

    My number one prediction is that within 6 months of the innaugration, things will start blowing up in Iran.

  • http://thecatholiclibertarian.blogspot.com amcalabrese
  • http://semperjase.com semperjase

    My predictions for 2009:

  • dick

    My prediction is a combination of Piano Girl’s and Amcalabrese’s. I think that Obama has now been briefed on what is really going on, not what the media is telling us is going on, and that he will basically end up copying the Bush policies because they are essentially the right ones. I also think that Iran or some other Muslim state will bite the tail of the administration and that Obama is going to either have to s*it or get off the pot. I think he will have to again follow the Bush policies and his closest followers will be howling about the administration’s direction.

    I think at that point he will be at an intersection where he will have to make a decision. He is not good at decisions. He tends to sit there and hope they resolve themselves. This decision of what direction to take the country is not going to resolve itself and so either he makes the decision or his cabinet and the House and Senate are going to force him in a direction that I feel will not be in the best interests of the country. I wouldn’t trust San Fran Nan or Harry Reid as far as I could throw them. I just do not feel they have the interests of the country in mind at all.

    I would really prefer that both the Senate and the House pick new leaders who actually have an idea. What I have seen from these two is that they talk a good game but when push comes to shove they prefer to threaten investigations or make noises one direction and then back down. So long as the new leader would not be Waxman or Murtha or Schumer or Kerry or someone like them, it would be an improvement beyond measure.