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Amazing footage: US Air Splashdown. Watching those people evacuate is really something. Thank God for good news.

As the doorman said, “well, bust my buttons!” It seems Tony Blankley has visited my humble abode and said some very nice things. I’m blushing. No, really. But that was very nice; thanks. I would add that I share the same experience with Blankley; I get the papers and leave them unread because I get it all online. But…we do need our crossword puzzles and our Sudoku’s, don’t we?

More to blush over: Julie is much too gracious to me, and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to come up with my list. I still owe a few Superior Scribbler Awards, too. It’s not that I’m ungenerous…I’m just always afraid of leaving people out and hurting feelings. But I’ll respond. I WILL.

You’ll note the new quote up in the header – I try to change it every few days or every week or so. That particular line jumped out at me during President Bush’s farewell address, and it jumped out at Stever Shippert, too, who warns here that “weakness seeks a friend in the Obama presidency”. Let us hope they do not find it. As Osama bin Laden said, our enemy looks for “the weak horse.”

Bush’s final proclamation: January 18th; National Sanctity of Life Day. Not for nothing is Bush considered by many – including non-Catholics – to be the “most Catholic” president the US has ever had.

I remember writing Dubya a letter of encouragement in August 2001, when he was working out his policy on Embryonic Stem Cells (a policy, it must be remembered, which was well-met by such people as Christopher Reeve and Mary Tyler Moore before the spin and outright lies began; a policy which has never been accurately articulated in the press, or by the Democrats.) I sent him a Benedictine-blessed St. Benedict Medal – Benedictines will understand why – and he wrote me a very nice letter in reply, which I sadly put “someplace safe” which in this house means I’ll never find it. Bush’s policy was vindicated, by the way. Embryonic Stem Cell Research has yielded nothing workable, and not a few nightmares – which is why private capital has not been funding it – and Adult Stem Cells are bringing us remarkable treatments and hope.

Former Senator Bill Frist
who – aside from being a miserable racist Republican is also a physician with a deep commitment to the improvement of health standards in Africa, says George W. Bush has saved 10 million lives on that continent, with his AIDS and Malaria initiatives – the ones that no one ever wants to talk about.

A legacy of President George W. Bush will be that he saved 10 million lives around the world.

His critics ignore it, but name another president about whom one can say that with such certainty. It is what historians will say a decade from now looking back. Not bad for a president who leaves office with the lowest approval rating in recent memory.

The bottom line is: George Bush is a healer.

Secondly, Bush healed abroad, but he also healed right here at home.

Before Bush acted, the nation’s 43 million seniors did not have affordable access to prescription drugs (the most powerful tool a doctor has to prevent and treat disease) through the Medicare program. Today, because of George Bush, they do.

Initially, conservatives howled because the prescription drug initiative “cost too much.” Liberals hated it because it involved the markets and competition. But today, 23 million seniors live healthier lives, Medicare drug spending has been 20 percent to 30 percent less than predicted for each of the past two years and seniors overwhelmingly give the program enthusiastic reviews.

Whooops. That won’t be received well by anyone but Bono or Bob Geldof. Bush has actually saved more than 10 million if you factor in the “who knows how many” lives saved in Europe, Australia, Asia and the US thanks to the worldwide war on terrorism which he initiated and stubbornly presided over.

That’s the problem with saving lives and keeping people safe; they don’t notice it. They only notice when you fail to do so. If you succeed at it, they just think you’re security-obsessed screw-up and if you fail, you’re a not-obsessed -enough screw up. Why would anyone want to be president?

Unfortunately, Embryonic Stem Cell Research WILL be opened to Government Funding (as will just about everything else – why not, money grows on trees) under President Obama and a congress full of people who don’t seem to care that the “promise” of Embryonic stem cell research is a gargantuan lie. Here’s a common sense question: if Embryonic Stem Cells were actually showing any promise at all, don’t you think private capitalists would have been furiously throwing money at it to reap the investment benefits? Embryonic Stem Cells cannot be controlled; they’re too powerful. But the lie has been given weight all these years, and the Culture of Death seems to have a deep need to destroy humanity at its most basic level. Does not bode well, IMO.

The Surge Worked: How many times must some on the left admit it before the press in general will finally adopt the narrative?

George Weigel: Comes to Praise not to buy Paddy Bush

Inaugural blessings: They’ve been in the news a lot this inaugural. Did you know they only began in 1937? And here they are. All of ’em. None too pithy.

Obama: No tortureexcept maybe when its’ necessary. Never forget that in 2002 Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats were briefed on torture and some of them wondered if waterboarding would be “enough”. It was later apparently decided that the best thing to do with waterboards was beat President Bush over the head with them as “a moral issue” until they got into power, at which point, they could, potentially, be used to glean information from terrorists, again. Because, as my friend Dick Meyer writes, “the moral issues related to torture are not a slam-dunk.” And, as we’ve seen often and often, if Democrats do what Republicans do, it’s usually acceptable.

Just a wee reminder, because everyone always forgets: Rendition began under President Clinton – something perhaps Leon Panetta should talk about at his confirmation hearing. So did the policy of regime change in Iraq begin under President Clinton in 1998. Same year President Clinton declared that Saddam had nukes. We really need better intelligence.

I expect the NY Times is going to get over being offended by FISA, now, too.

Polygamy charges in Canada: A freedom of religion issue, since marriage is no longer defined in Canada as being between a man and a woman

Did Earmarks bring US Air into the Hudson River: Inquiring minds want to know.

WaPo: We kind of like all these things Bush did, but the damage is irreversible. Must be nuance.

The Pelosi: Man, she is one super-controlling woman. I hope Obama can contain her.

A Late Bush Tribute from Jeanette’s Cafe, where they mosey like cowboys. More here.

When is a secret not such a secret? Bet you know the answer.

George W. Bush: and The least of these

Fred Barnes: He’s fearing Obama, four different ways:

Pope Benedict: Baptizing babies and talking about it a lot

Maureen Dowd: As anguished, lockjawed and lame as ever. As you know, I tried many times to give her good advice (like “consider your uterus”), but she never wanted to take it. I can think of a dozen female bloggers who would make so much better use of her column space.

“God was watching out for these guys”: Yes. He sent an angel

Alfonzo Rachel:
My innocent crush continues

Shoe chucking: It’s funny until someone puts an eye out. Or they target Obama

French Health Care: Better than UK or Canada but not all that, after all?

This is just cool: Boiling water and frigid air. And it’s got to be a metaphor for something.

Was the Minnesota Recount Unconstitutional? Fnd out for sure. There is always time to seat a senator – frankly the fewer senators we have babbling around DC the better – so let’s make sure it’s done fairly.

Lt. Worf or a Plate Spinner on the Ed Sullivan Show? pondering just what The Reverend Mr. Greg Kandra is.

You [Israel] are fighting like you fought in ’48. What got into you all of a sudden?: A new president in the US? As good an answer as any, no? If they are close to defeating Hamas, this could actually be a good thing for the Palestinian people, who then have an opportunity to grasp at a chance for real self-governance…and Israel will have a duty to help them achieve it, since they’ve been the cause of some grief. Yeah, I know, I’m naive. But think about it. Someone’s got to extend the hand.

If I hadn’t already weaned myself of my Diet Pepsi addiction, this would do it for me. A family member who lives in DC writes, “this place is starting to feel like North Korea, with its “Dear Leader” vibe. I’m all for celebrating Obama’s inauguration, but I’ll be damned if I want to see his face on my soda with a “grapeful” message included.” Yeah, tschotskes aside, (and there’s lots of ’em) it does feel a little cultish and weird, like some are looking not for a president but a daddy – or worse, that they are looking not to be led, but to be ruled. Obama may not encourage all this idol worship, but he does nothing to discourage it, either.

Bookworm shares a “Dear Leader Moment: in San Francisco. And another here.

Happy Catholic: Inaugural thoughts

Shrinkwrapped: Antisemitism and mania.

The People’s Cube:
Good heaven’s you haven’t checked it out, yet?

R.I.P Old War Dog: Blogger and Veteran Bill Faith died yesterday, apparently of a heart attack. Prayers go out to his family. In his emails he was always very sweet, and I will miss him. Michelle Malkin knew him well and has a nice tribute.

Podcasts: Will I do any more? My computer seems noisy to me, but yes, I’ll probably do Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer during Lent. And, if you guys want it, I’ll record a rosary. But not right now, because it’s late and I tired.


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