No news; working on a Project

The news is: fascinating, troubling, confoundingly stupid, entertaining, amusing, cautionary, worrying, dysfunctional, encouraging, discouraging, predictable, mind-boggling, wholly engaging and completely addictive and I would rather not pull myself away from it, but a deadline looms and I have to do it.

I’d much, much rather be talking about
how President Obama is going to put a lot of people out of work and make life much more difficult for the auto industry and the oil industry by allowing state-by-state emissions regulations, how his ideas for “children’s safety” will destroy small cottage industries and larger businesses. Not quite a stimulus, eh? I’d rather be talking about how White House/DNC Twittering and White House/You Tube data mining are the sorts of things that – had George W. Bush tried them – would have had Olbermann, Matthews and the rest of the left press screaming “this is fascism!”

But I have to work.

Here we read about The last hope of a 1600 year-old prayer

Get your Valentine’s Orders in, while there is still something to feel romantic about. Do you think Nancy I-have-five children Pelosi is heading toward a one-child policy?

Hebronics: Actually as a student of Leo Rosten’s The Joys of Yiddish, I’d say it’s a Yiddish form and call it “Yidbomics.” I have a favorite not written here, that I used to hear from a neighbor: (after not rushing to supper when my mother bellowed for me) “What, you need an engraved invitation? Go, eat! Come back, we’ll play Crazy 8′s!”

Shine, Perishing Republic.

Obama has not even been in office a week and I have gone from a cautious hopefulness that maybe, maybe things would look better to watching him do everything Jimmy Carter would have done and spout rhetoric that really makes me believe he might well be a socialist, after all.

Someone asked me the other day what we can do? Well, we can write to feckless, cowardly representatives, but mostly, we can resist any moves to take away free speech – in any form – because as long as we can speak freely, we still have some power as a people. And then…pray.

Lent is coming. It’s a time of penance and prayer – not Frank Richian penance (scroll down to the updates for it) but real penance. Prayer changes things. So does introspection, admission of wrongdoing, contrition and penance; those things enhance and fortify resolve and bring grace, which does astonishing things.

So…I’d better get working on my Lenten project. Quite different from my Lenten stuff of a year ago, thank goodness for that.

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  • zapman

    Shouldn’t it be “Pray, [and do penance] and then we can write to feckless cowardly representatives”? ;-)

    The prayer is much, much more effective than letters. A personal conversation with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords tends to get more done than writing a short letter to a Representative that may or may not actually be interested in representing you anyway.

  • jrprimm

    Dear Lady do not fear this change…you yourself said last summer that we, as a Nation, could not go on the way we had been…and I believed you then and I know that that is true now…yes, it is disturbing to see what he is doing, and causing to be done already…but we all (especially me) need to remember that God can write straight with crooked lines and that our Nation will find those men and women to ‘fight the good fight’…perhaps this will TRULY make people ‘fish or cut bait’ about those nasty, ugly,even evil trends in our society that have been swept under the rug for too many years…prayer is always the best…and realization that He knows better than we do. Joshua 1:8; …’be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed for the Lord thy God is with thee withersoever thou goest’ King James has such a ring to it…

    [I'm not so much afraid as wishing it could be different. Yes, I agree, we have no idea how God may use all of this but we know it will ultimately be used for good and His glory. But we do need to pray for wisdom and guidance. - admin ]

  • amcalabrese

    Obama is not a socialist.

    I don’t think he is a socialist in the Marxian sense. Can you imagine him “withering away” any part of the state?

    I do not think he is a socialist in the Lenninist/Stalinist/Maoist sense of collectivization and firing squads. For one thing, he seems not to like guns.

    To be truthful, I do not think he is very ideologcal at all. Some think that is a good thing, but to me, ideology is simply what you believe.

    Rather, I think he is a “managerial state” type — in that he supports government by experts.

  • Scott H

    amcalabrese: I’d rather say that Obama is certainly an elitist (and the best of his followers seem to view this country as a meritocratic utopia-in-waiting), but that certainly doesn’t disjoin with socialism in practice.

    BTW, I must ask… are you from the Orlando, FL area?

  • Brigette Russell

    I can relate to wanting to follow the news and blog, but having other projects get in the way. My projects are 7, 5, 3, and 6 months old, and they don’t like it one little bit when I read the news and blogs. The nerve, I know, having interests of my own.

    I’ve changed my mind about Obama’s ideology a few times. At first, I was convinced he was a socialist, then started to think maybe he’d faked out his hard Left followers and was really more of a pragmatist, and now I’m thinking I was right in the first place and now he’s just trying to fake the rest of us out.