March 1 Morning Prayer

I forgot to put it into the podcast, but if you are following along in the breviary (I use the one featured below) we begin on page 707 (using the antiphons for the First Sunday in Lent) and then move to page 268 to pick up the readings, etc.

Morning Prayer Podcast is here.

Cardinal Justin Rigali
with an exhortation to pray, ponder and study:

And a quote from Teresa of Avila,
who is always a challenging lady:

The highest perfection consists not in interior favors or in great raptures or in visions, or in the spirit of prophecy, but in the bringing of our wills so closely in conformity with the will of God that, as soon as we realize that He wills anything, we desire it ourselves with all our might, and take the bitter with the sweet, knowing that to be His Majesty’s will.
— Teresa of Avila

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