Taking the Morning Off – UPDATED

It’s very bright-white-snowy-glarey out there. It’s a day for lounging on the sofa with a steaming hot cup of Mystic Monk Hazelnut Coffee and catching up on some Lenten reading.

I understand some found my prognostications on the economy yesterday much too cheerless and my email suggests that I have a Christian duty to come up with something amusing today.

That will take a bit of coffee…and don’t read this. Or this.

Read this – it’s funny. If it were real it would be even better!

But here is something kind of lovely to chew on:

How generous you were at your wedding, O King and Spouse! how generously, O good Jesus, you have given away all your belongings! For even to the crucifiers you have offered the kindness of your prayers; to the thief, you have given paradise; to the Mother, a son; to the son, a Mother.
— Saint Bonaventure

I say stick with the God-stuff.

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