All for the Best

It’s the seventies.

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  • Peregrine John

    “Someone’s got to be oppressed!”

    LOL I love that song!

  • Gayle Miller

    Oh how joyous! I’m just feeling sleepy and stressed today – had a good weekend, just under pressure for some upcoming adjustments in my living arrangements. New furniture, etc. Need to get the house in order before Sunday. This clip helped a lot! Do you know the name of the singer?

    [I believe the Jesus is Victor Garber. Don't know who Judas is, though. -admin]

  • Leopold Stotch

    They don’t teach how to walk down steps in clown shoes anymore. This is another sad commentary on the current state of education.

    [This is a profound truth. Admin]

  • Aunty Franny

    Wow, Twin Towers. and them on all those roofs. Trippy.

    Love the song, but too many high school drama memories! Ack!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Both John the Baptist and Judas are played by the same actor — David Haskell.

    The (happy) hippies of Godspell the movie are so much better than the (grungy Manson family) hippies of Jesus Christ Superstar the movie. And Victor Garber is a much better Superman Jesus than Ted Neely is a high-talker girly-man Jesus.

    And don’t get Butters started on dance — he’s very dangerous when he starts tapping. If he was to tap with clown shoes, he’d probably kill everyone in the place.

  • Leopold Stotch

    So, Bender, is it ON? It’s ON!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Oh no you di-int!

  • TheAnchoress

    I agree with Bender.