Technical Difficulties…The Rosary Podcasts

I am getting the oddest variety of emails. Many, many good wishes from people who appreciate First Things and agree with me that I’m privileged to be part of it; a few people who liked me better as a lone wolf and don’t know if they’ll come around too often, and a lot of really angry folks looking for specific pieces they want to read on a Friday night and a bit miffed that they can’t find them. “Why are you doing this,” they’re yelling, “I liked it better the old way!”

I feel a little bit like Fr. Damian, the guilt-ridden priest in The Exorcist, who kept hearing his poor institutionalized mother ask, “why you do this, Dimmy? Why you do this to me?”

Why you do this, Anchoress? Why you do this to me?

I’m sorry. But every root-canal comes to an end, and the pain is almost over. Then you’ll be glad I did this because and I am not going to change, as some of you fear. Joseph Bottum, the editor of First Things, was very clear that he wanted my site, precisely as I had built it, snark, opera, and polluted politics all-together. I take him at his word, so this should be fun. Tomorrow morning you’ll type in “” and you’ll read me, same as ever, but then you’ll simply press a side button and poof! you’ll be treating yourself to Spengler!

Come on, guys, you love Spengler! And then, with the click of a button you’ll also read the daily On the Square article which you will always find worth-reading, no matter who writes it (and some days it might even be written by me.) And look, while you’re over there, you’ll probably happen to notice something great, like this piece by Archbishop Timothy Dolan, that you might otherwise have missed! (I know you love Archbishop Dolan; you’re a fan, just like me!)

And then, by the time you’re done reading all of that, it will be time to see what else I’m grousing about or linking to, and there you go. Believe me, you’re going to be so busy bouncing between First Things and this site that you’ll be downright giddy. And these days anything that can make us a little giddy should be undertaken!

Thanks for being so patient, everyone, as we get this rather large site settled in as part of another very large site. As longtime readers know, I am no help at all to IT types and technocreatures, so while they’re working on other issues, here at least are all the Rosary Podcasts “in one place” as requested.

The Joyful Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries
The Luminous Mysteries

There. That was pretty painless. If you are looking for fairly recent posts they shouldn’t be too hard to find; the archives are up, but I’m afraid if you’re looking for older material, like my call for Bush’s impeachment, you’ll have to wade through the pages a bit.

Hopefully you’ll be able to google, soon, and I will try to fix broken links as I find them.

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