'Round Midnight – UPDATED

Miss Ella of a Blue Sunday Evening:

UPDATE: So, I get an email, “Anchoress, why you blue?”

Oh, baby’s blue for many reasons, but I’ll write about them tomorrow because I’m too wiped out just now. Why am I wiped out, now? Because the long-awaited blogroller redesign was an epic fail by my lights, and so I had to simply sit down tonight and force myself to reconstruct my entire blogroll.

Was Mama happy? Mama was not happy. Mama is no code warrior. When I finished the job only to see all of my listings gobbed together like fat ants on a drop of italian ice, I had to actually use my own brain to deduct the coding error (which, surprisingly enough, I did deduce – try saying “I did deduce”; it’s fun), and then I had to repair each and every line.

I think I’m going blind! Too much screentime. Everything is white!

Also, I think the blog is usable on your end, but I’m still struggling with a few difficulties over here (like having to clear my cache before I do anything, anywhere, over and over again) does this tickle me? It does not! But I do have enormous trust in the brilliant techie who has been helping me. We shall overcome even the most recalcitrant code bugs! Or, he shall, while I whimper and moan and say, “can I go play?”

Mostly I am a little blue because I had hoped to “hit the ground running” once we ported me over here, and instead of a nimble leap, I have gone splat. I feel like I’m staggering when I wanted to soar.

But it will get better. I know it will get better. I believe, O Lord, hep my unbelief. Hep me, Lord.

Hep me!

Fine time for Him to get distracted!

Ah, me darlin’s tomorrow is another day. Let us all have a better one.

But if I have left you too blue, here is something to pick you up – the elegant Joe Williams!

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  • http://spreadingolive.blogspot.com Elizabeth Anne

    You didn’t splat! You may have stumbled a bit over the threshold, but that’s not a splat. You did a big, complicated port-over with no interruption of service AND posted 4 posts in the last few days.

  • Mimsy

    I like your pick-me-up music! We have recently picked up some Ella vinyl. But seriously, this is pretty smooth transitioning. Like ballet, you are making it look rather easy. Anyway…blue is the color of Our Lady. You are in good company!

  • Hantchu

    Be cool, Anchoress. Everything will work out. This arrangement with First Things could work out quite well (certainly for your readers). We all appreciate the extra effort.

  • cathyf

    And, heck, the posting of Mary Ann Glendon’s letter causing a surge that crashed the First Things servers kind of puts things in perspective. You do good stuff, you have hiccups, you fix them, you continue doing good stuff.

  • btsea

    Here is another song for your bluesiness wallowing!

    [Edited to admit link -admin]

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